The Madman behind this blog

The Madman behind this blog

Hello stranger, and, first of all, thank you for stopping by my blog.

Liliana N Bookish is a newly established blog run by a young Vietnamese that happen to speak almost 4 languages at the same time (with 3 being fluent and 1 at basic level), loves reading, and thus, decided to share her thoughts, as well as practice writing in English by challenging herself to write full reviews to books she read, no matter what languages the books are read in.

Aside that, this girl (who’s an Aquarius, by the way) will also let you have a glimpse at the other aspects of her life, such as cooking/baking, cats, DIY, photography, music, on their own.

I really hope I will not scare you away, and you will support and help me develop myself as a person, and a writer.

Because, hell yes, I do dream of writing my own book.

Thank you,


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