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2017 TBR list

Despite some bad news that suddenly happened to me just yesterday (phone with all needed photos stolen), I choose to stay positive and continue building a habit of being a socially active new blogger here, so here we go with the first official _not_introduction_ post, which is my 2017 TBR list.

In January, I unfortunately only made past 1 book (further left), so here’s the rest that I’m going to read this year (of course, not limited by that, haha)

Since January had passed, exclude the further left book (which is a good book, by the way! And I know, zero chances of having it translated to English, but I’ll write a review with short informative introduction for you guys), and focus on everything else.


Starting with the book on the further right side, it’s a book I’m currently reading, Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere” in Russian language. I’ve already read half of it, and can say for sure, this is one of the must-read books for everyone who starts reading Gaiman in particular or urban fantasy in common.

Then, we go from left to right, from bottom to top:

Left column:

Review for the book on the very left coming soon!

1. Simon Messingham, “The Doctor trap” (Doctor Who series), in Russian
In 4 years being in Whoniverse, I always was a huge fan of Tenth Doctor – Donna Noble combo. The amount of sassiness between them two cannot be measured, and no other Doctor-Companion unit could ever felt as realistic and perfect as these two did. Seriously, no love line can replace a witty friend who can troll the hell out of your generations just because he/she CAN. So yes, I’m hyped to have this book in my possession, and I can’t wait to read this.

2. Robert Galbraith, “The Cuckoo’s Calling” (Cormoran Strike series), in Russian
Known as alias of JRK, the Harry Potter writer takes her attempt to write a detective story. I’ve seen opposite reviews on this book series, but I still decided to give the first book a try. Curious to figure out this one.
/just FYI, I also started listening to JKR’s “Casual Vacancy” audiobook, got past almost 10 chapters, and I like it, actually, probably will get the printed version, cause usually I can’t surpass listening for so long/

3. Neil Gaiman, “The Graveyard Book”, in English
Forever my favourite foreign fantasy author, Neil Gaiman never fails to surprise me with his stuff. And actually, I started this book loooong time ago. Now I hope that I will focus on finishing it.

4. Michio Kaku, “The Future of the Mind”, in Russian
I think it’s good to not only read fiction and classic literature, because there is a huge treasure hiding among all there science and non-fiction books. For example, this one. This book (along with others of the same author) was recommended by my best friend who loves science and absorbs new information on whatever topic with a speed of light. So I’m trying to expand my knowledge as well.

5. Justin Richards, “Silhouette” (Doctor Who series), in Russian
Another my Doctor Who all favourite combination is the Victorian Trio – Vastra, Jenny and Strax. Loved them from their 15 minute “No-Doctor” appearance in “Crimson Horror”. I’m still lowkey waiting for their own spin-off series. Damn, that would be absolutely COOL.

6. Rainbow Rowell, “Fangirl”, in English
As a former fanfiction writer myself (well, sometimes I still write it, but lol), I was actually hesitating between trying this book and ignoring it, despite lots of book photos including this cover. At last, I gave up and bought a copy. Well, I tried.

Right column:

Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere” is my ~Currently Reading~

7. Kai Meyer, “Die Seiten Der Welt”, in Russian
I actually have no idea how this book’s title is translated into English (anybody give a hint? Please?), so I couldn’t figure out its English version on Goodreads. The book title, as you guessed, is what attracted me, and then I randomly opened the book to see the line, saying (not directly quoting, fyi) “We’re fighting with books”. Made me immediately remember Tenth Doctor in “Silence in the Library”/”Forest of the dead” double episodes. So yeah, I got it just because of that. Hope it won’t disappoint me.

8. Max Frei, “The Complaint book”, in Russian
This is my ultimate urban fantasy love. Max Frei wrote (and still writing) a book series called “Old Vilnius Tales”, consisting of over 108 short stories happened on every street of the Historical center of Vilnius city. And I LOVE every single piece of urban magic added in every written story, it feels so magical yet so real… So since then I’ve loved this author and decided to try all other released books, including this one.

9. Daniel Smith, “How to think like Sherlock”, in English
Also started this book last year, but couldn’t make it so far because reasons. Still find it interesting.

10. Gaston Dorren, “Lingo: A Language Spotter’s Guide to Europe”, in Russian
I should’ve made a full “About me” post before this, but for you to know, I’m a phylologist/translator, and I’m very interested in learning languages and searching about languages. So I couldn’t pass by this one.

11. Bill Bryson, “A Short History of Nearly Everything”, in Russian
As I said, I’m willing to expand my vision and knowledge by reading science stuff, and “A Short History of Nearly Everything” was also recommended by the same best friend.

12. Genevive Cogman, “The Invisible Library” (The Invisible Library series), in English
Let’s be simple: I love books. And of course, I would love to read a book about… books. Books as the main character, books as a weapon, books as everything you have to expand your imagination. Who doesn’t love some book mysteries? 🙂

Aside this printed books TBR list, I still have a bunch of e-books to complete within this year as well, but since I already wrote too many words here, I’ll just list them (and use it as my reminder as well):
– Max Frei, “Old Vilnius’ Tales”, volume 5
– Neil Gaiman, “Norse Mythology”
– David Mitchell, “Cloud Atlas”
– Kdzuo Isiguro, “The Remains of the Day”
– Oskar Wilde, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”
– Twyla Tharp, “The Creativity Habit. Learn It and Use It for Life”

That’s all for my 2017 TBR list! If you have any must-read recommendations, leave it in the comments!

Reviews incoming soon! Stay tuned and READ MOAR~ 😉

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