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20 facts about me

What’s up booknerds, it’s “about me” time, again~

Since this is still a fresh blog, some basic information on its runner shouldn’t hurt anyone, right? Right? Come on, it can’t be that harmful. Seriously. People need to know about what I am in facts!

So let’s have a “20 facts about me” thingy here!~ *whoop whoop*


Fact 1. I’m fully Vietnamese.
Despite being surprisingly born and raised in Russia, my parents, and basically all my ancestors are Vietnamese, thus making me one as well. At least by my IDs. In mah soul, I’m a crazy mix of Vietnamese and Russian characters. But hey, I rather consider myself as a global citizen~

Fact 2. I know many languages.
To be more specific, I fluently speak Russian, almost fluent English, rather fluent Vietnamese and somewhere pre-intermediate Korean. Funny thing: I’m Vietnamese, yet Vietnamese is the language I’m least confident at. Simply it’s because I started speaking it only when I was 10. Russian was always my top priority as I was attending Russian school, and all my life was held in Russian.
As a language maniac, I have lots of plans for futher language learning. E.g., I have Korean to be improved and properly learned to get all them TOPIK certificates. Just because I can, and just because I want. Plus planning to resume my English courses to keep it up. And then, and then… and then a gazillion other languages I wanna learn. Damn, where’s my time for all of this.

Fact 3. I was once a fanfiction writer.
Actually I still consider myself as one, but the hiatus is taking way too long… (almost 3 years, shame on me.). But since 2015, I’ve been constantly thinking of switching from fanfiction to real books, and I really started collecting ideas, but you know what happens when you do researches while working 9 to 5? So all my ideas are still stuck in my leather notebooks, waiting for their prime time. I will comeback to you, guys, I PROMISE.

Fact 4. I’m a stationery maniac.
Pretty notebooks, pens, stickers, washi tapes, bookmarks? – YES, PLEASE. MOAR, MOOAAAAR OF THEM!!!
I’ll probably show you my notebook collection soon. And I’m really picky at choosing them for my collections.
Also loving stickers and washi tapes. And yes, I DO use them. Just not as frequently as desired, but I’mma still collect them no matter what. Screw the small space in my apartment.

Fact 5. I’m a booknerd.
It’s really hard to find enough time to read in Vietnam, because back in Russia I was always traveling by subways, thus that was the perfect place and time for reading, especially, when you have an hour long ride down there. If you ever seen Russian subways, almost all people down here are holding a book to read. Because what else we can do while riding a train to work, and staring at other people around is never considered polite?
But since I came back to Vietnam (which is already 10 years, WOW), I almost had zero time to sit and only focus on reading. I’m getting to work by my bike, so I can’t read while driving (who will lol), then I -workworkworkworkworkwork- I really hate that Rihanna’s song but I can’t help it here, then I come back so tired I barely drag my body to the bed to just knock out. Recently I’ve managed to have a steady schedule that allows me to have 2 to 3 hours just for reading. But I already lost my initial reading speed, so sometimes it’s a nightmare for me to read AND understand what I read at the same time. *sigh*

Fact 6. I’m a certified translator.
I graduated from a nice university in Hanoi city (North Vietnam) with Bachelor degree in Russian to Vietnamese translation. And vice versa, of course. I certainly can do some English-Vietnamese or English-Russian translations, but never actually mastered that since it’s not my main field. I kinda dream of both writing my own books AND translating others. It’s fun to share awesome stuff with the rest of the world, especially in terms of books, so why not?
By the way, remember my review for “Juusan”? I recently got a permission to translate some parts of the book aiming to find its audience within English-speaking booknerd community, so anybody actually interested in helping me with editing and spreading it?

Fact 7. I’m a tea lover.
No, I like coffee, too, but I can’t drink it, tbh. Health reasons suck.
I’m lowkey dreaming of having a huge collection of teas (at least as huge as my mug collection is now). My forever favorite one is rose tea. With real dry roses. A teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of fresh milk, mmmmmm. Perfect.

Fact 8. I’m a k-pop fan.
Is anyone else here a k-pop fan as well? Please?
I’m digging this field for almost 10 years, and my merchandise is slowly growing up as well. Did you know that I actually love doing dance covers? Yes, we know that but WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR DECALCOMANIE’S COVER????? Look at my playlist, it’s ALL K-POP.

Fact 9. I always carry a notebook and a stack of pens.
And a book to read.
Because jogging ideas all the way! I need to be sure that I always have a place to write down all crazy stuff coming into my head while walking, listening to the music or even working!
Actually I always carry at least 3 notebook: my daily bullet journal, my book quotes journal, and just a notebook for writing stuff. No wonder why my backpack is always so damn heavy.

Fact 10. It’s almost impossible to make me watch any TV series or movies.
Unless it’s something that I’m willing to watch myself. But even that is hard. TV series and movies are basically not my genres. I rather have books, books, books. And k-pop. And Korean variety shows.

Fact 11. I live alone.
With three adorable cats that I rescued less than a year ago. Check them out on their instagram. They’re simply adorable! And dorky as hell. Like, real HELL.

Fact 12. I’m an introvert.
That shouldn’t surprise you lot much. Typical thingy. To be more correct, I have sociophobia at a certain level. Especially when it comes to Vietnamese people.
Sometimes I even forget how to behave with Russian due to having too much time with locals. I even wonder whether I’m acting way too rude. Lol, happens.

Fact 13. 13 is my favourite number.
Because I was born on 13th day, and hey – do you even believe in misfortune of Friday 13th??? Cause I don’t. Basically all Friday 13ths are the luckiest days for me.

Fact 14. I have too many hobbies.
From DIYing everything possible, to reading, to k-pop, to shopping, to collecting stuff that I don’t really need but I still buy it because THEY’RE SO PRETTY I WANT THEM, to writing, to traveling, to sometimes baking/cooking, to photography, to blogging, to another pile of other hobbies I have.
See? Way too much.

Fact 15. I’m impatient.
Pretty much impatient. It’s hard when you read a book and you can’t help but turning a couple of pages further to see what happens. Also I hate waiting. And I try not to make people wait for me. But sometimes I like being a bad gal more, and do the exact opposite. But that you should deserve, hahahahaha.
It’s even harder when it comes to some goals. If I blog/instagram/post anywhere else, I expect an immediate reaction. I know it’s not that easy to gain audience for my blogs/instagrams, but I can’t help my impatience.
That, unfortunately, leads to me pretty frequently losing interest in everything I start. Somehow blogging, writing, reading, k-pop and instagram made it through this obstacle.

Fact 16. I have an alter-ego, and I even wrote a whole universe about her.
I mean, is there anyone who doesn’t lowkey have an alter-ego???

Fact 17. I prefer traveling alone.
Or with someone who knows me all around to know exactly what I need atm. But the main reason is because when I travel alone, I feel free, and I can take any picture I want, without thinking “oh, I need to capture my travel buddy as much as possible”. Nah.

Fact 18. I’m a paranoic.
About. Almost. Everything. And that SUCKS.

Fact 19. I’m a food maniac.
I basically love food. Especially MEAT. GIVE ME MOAAAR MEAT, or it’s not a meal for me.
And I’m, in fact, a decent cook. Should I show you my skills here?

Fact 20. I’m an Aquarius.
And hell yes, you should know what that means.


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5 thoughts on “20 facts about me”

  1. I really enjoyed learning more about you through this post, Liliana! It’s so cool that you have such a great affinity for learning languages. I only know English, Vietnamese, and Latin. English and Vietnamese the only two I speak on a daily basis, while Latin just being a language that I studied for 6 years but don’t speak for obvious reasons. I know some Korean and Japanese from all the dramas and music I’ve watched/listened and from hanging out with my Korean and Japanese friends growing up. Also, it’s super cool that you enjoy writing! I can’t say I feel the same way, haha. I’m just a plain reader. XD


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I previously knew some Japanese, too, due to watching animes, but ever since I switched to K-pop, my ever little knowledge of Japanese faded away, and I even feel unusual with hearing Japanese, because I got SO used to hearing Korean!
      I could’ve been a plain reader, if it wasn’t for my constant need TO TRY FREAKING EVERYTHING. It’s just my nature, I can’t help with that 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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