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March TBR

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Hi again!
March has finally started, which means it’s time for March TBR list!

So it’s been almost 1 month since I’ve started this blog, and I’m totally loving it! Although my reading speed is far away from actual booknerds, I think I’m on the way to recover my childhood reading speed (which was really fast). So I’m setting up a goal of reading 4 books this month, including:

1. Max Frei, Old Vilnius Tales V

Format: E-book

Finally the Fifth volume of my favorite Russian urban fantasy series is out, and I kept delaying it since its release, despite purchasing an e-book right away. The author already wrote in an annotation that the Sixth volume is to be expected sometime soon, so I can’t wait to collect all remaining volumes in hardcover to put on my bookshelf! Woop woop!


2. Max Frei, The Complaint book


Format: Hardcover

Another book from Max Frei to be read this month. I basically love everything Max Frei, although her main work, which is Ekho series, is still up to be read. And I believe, not any time soon yet. So I keep enjoying her standalone and smaller series’ books, and I have pretty high expectations on this one!


3. Stephanie Garber, Caraval

Format: Paperback

After seeing all the hype around this book, I decided to give it a try as well! I already started up with 10 first pages, and I’m really hooked in, so I don’t even know how to wait until I finish the other book before getting into this one!

And look at this beautiful cover! *_*


4. Sora Naumova & Mariya Dubinina,
Sintar. The killer island

Format: eARC

The follow-up of “Juusan. The phantom academy” is here! Really hyped about this one, as I’m creepy curious about upcoming adventures of Henry and Sorata.

The cover of e-book version also has that “swooping evil” feeling, so I better get back to reading to see what happens next!


Already set up a March TBR? How many books you gonna read this month? Anything you want to recommend me? Or anything from my list that makes you want to look forward for my review?

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