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Do The Talking: How to deal with a book hangover (and not die from that in misery)


Hi book worms and book dragons! It’s time for a fun rant!

As you know, last week I kept talking and commenting about having a huge book hangover caused by a sequel to a fantasy book by my pen friend, and how I couldn’t pick up the next book to read /currently fighting with original version of Harry Potter series/, so I decided to joke about ways to handle a book hangover. Because you know, sometimes that happens:

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Warning: It’s GIF heavy.

I’m sure you’re familiar with a feeling when you just the book so good you can’t stop thinking about it.
You can’t stop tweeting/bookstagramming/basically annoying everyone else with endless talks about that wonderful book you finished.
If you’re lucky having a printed version, you can’t help yourself but opening back at random page and then finding yourself immersed in reading again and the night ends SO QUICKLY HELP
You pick up the next book to read, but can’t get through even first 5 pages, etc…





That’s why you’re here, reading this post! I’m gonna show you THE BEST /not to be confused with the right way! You’ve been warned!/ WAY to deal with a book hangover.

So fasten your seatbelts, because here we go!

Step 1. Confirm that you’re having a book hangover.


  • You feel an awkward emptiness after finishing a book:
  • You suddenly burst into tears and any other forms of hysteria:
  • You can’t stop spamming about the book everywhere possible, from twitter to DMing every single bookstagrammer:
  • You pick up the next book to read, but find it unavailable to get through even the simplest text:

Step 2. Actually spam everyone about having a book hangover.

Do the ugly crying, cry even harder, don’t forget to include every crying GIF possible so everyone can see how much struggle it is for you. Complain until you see the first 5 persons to unfollow you because of your endless whining (be careful with that!)

Passenger was an awesome movie to watch btw! P.S. It’s just because I love Jen so much ❤

Step 3. Don’t even try reading any other book at least for a week.

Do any other activity to empty your mind! Go for a walk, confess to your pets about all the feels you have over the book, try doing some handmade stuff (origami and hand lettering practice helps much, because those things need your concentration a lot), watch a silly movie (just try to avoid having a movie hangover), GO FOR SHOPPING AT LEAST! You can also try smashing stuff, but make sure you won’t feel any regret upon destroying them! Do it until the book hangover reduces to zero.

P.S. Don’t forget to write a book review right before you healing process! You can also cry there a lot, if your fingers can stand ALL THE CAPSLOCK FEELINGS YOU’RE HAVING OVER A BOOK AVNSGRGKDSLGHFGDSHGGOSHUGLYCRYINGSOMUCH

Step 4. Confirm that you are done with your book hangover.


  • Try to take that book in your hands, and feel like you don’t want even see it!
  • But don’t throw it away, ok? Don’t forget that you LOVE that book, it’s just you need to get over it!
  • Hide this book among other books so it can almost become invisible when you look at your bookshelf/bookstack/whatever you use to collect your printed treasure. If it’s an ebook, keep in on your laptop/PC storage, but immediately delete from your Kindle/other e-reader device. Really, you should do it that way, it helps.
    P.S. Somebody should invent an invisible book beaus for those kind of books.
  • Take the next book from your TBR pile and try reading the first 10 pages. Don’t panic if that certain book still doesn’t go with you even if you feel ready for the next book adventure. You MUST have a TBR pile of ceiling height, otherwise HOW YOU EVEN CALL YOUSELF A BOOKWORM??? So pick a book after a book (but don’t go too far, or you’ll be overwhelmed!) until you find something that clicks.
    Tip: Try looking at books that have been on your TBR pile for way too long. Maybe it’s FINALLY THEIR TIME?

Step 5. Dive yourself into the new book!


You have SUCCEEDED in dealing with your book hangover! YAY! Throw ’em confetti!

Now, important TIPS!

  • Don’t come back to your review post about that awesome book until you feel ready to stay calm when replying to comments!
  • Don’t take that book ever again at least until 1 year passes.
  • Stay calm when commenting other book blogger reviews on that book, or replying to new comments.
  • Be ready for the next time you pick up that book to re-read.
  • REPEAT when a new book hangover kicks you! Mwahahahahaha I SHALL SEE YOU SUFFERING


Happy April Fool’s Day folks! Happy Birthday Fred and George Weasley!

Hope you really enjoyed this ironic post I’ve concluded after battling my own book hangover! Remember not to take it way too seriously, and I would love to hear YOUR ways of handling a book hangover! Sharing is caring, right?

Until next time!

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9 thoughts on “Do The Talking: How to deal with a book hangover (and not die from that in misery)”

  1. I can very much empathise with your book hangover. Sometimes I find it so bad that I will re-read the book straight away lol. For me I find I need to get into a new book straight away otherwise I dwell on the book hangover…it can be pretty hard getting into something else straight away though!! Awesome post 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oohh you know what else I do, I will re-read one of my favourite books…from Harry Potter to Throne of Glass. I actually find that really helps so maybe you could try that 😊


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