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Wednesday Shelf Control: Hyperion Cantos series

Wednesday Shelf Control is a bookish meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies on a weekly basis.


Hi reading world!

Before we to the topic of this post, I’d like to inform you that I’ll be taking a short break from any social media due to health issues. Over the past 7 days the weather here in Vietnam was so horrible my body couldn’t keep up with all those constant changes from sunny to rainy days and back. I’m very sensitive to any drastic temperature and weather changes, so the periods between any seasons are the most difficult for my body to cope with daily routine. Therefore, I’ll be very passive or almost inactive on social media. Meaning, I will still surf and read instagram/twitter/wp, will still like and possibly comment, but will not post anything of my own, except for scheduled bookish memes (excluding today’s Top Ten Tuesday). Once the weather settles down at some point I won’t feel like riding a rollercoaster, I will come back will all those new content I’ve been planning to share with you (trust me, I have topics enough to feed you for a good year :D). Thank you for all your support and love, and I promise to continue being a hardworker who provides valuable content for all of you.

Now let’s get back to Wednesday Shelf Control, as today I’ll talk about not just a standalone book, but a book series that have been residing on my bookshelf for way too long…

Today’s featuring book is…

Hyperion Cantos series by Dan Simmons:
Hyperion The Fall of Hyperion

How I got it:

My Russian friends gave these two books as a present before my return from scholarship in Russia.

When I got it:

Around May-June of 2012.

Why I want to read it:

I feel embarrased to confess that I’ve never touched these two books since I received them from my friends. Back at the time of getting them, I wasn’t really interested in sci-fi, and it somehow naturally turned into a very long delay. But since I wish to read more genres and get out of my comfort reading zone, I thought that picking up the book series I have on my shelf would be the best way to start, without any risks of regretting the purchase (although I have Empress of a Thousand Skies and Invisible Planets coming soon, still).


I know that the whole book series consists of 4 book, but since I only have the first two books, I couldn’t just feature the whole thing. Lol, no logic at all.

Have you read this book series? What did you think of it?

Hope to be fully back soon,

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