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The Sunday Post: April 10-16th


Hi! Happy Easter everyone!

I should apologize for my constant lack of online activity throughout this week, I don’t even know what to say about it, since I already announced my full comeback to social media, and yet, not much content came out of my pen. I should do better next week, especially when I still have lots of content to share (trust me or not, but I have a list of blog post ideas!). But let’s still do a wrap-up for this week?

Books read



Currently reading


A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Yes, I’m still struggling through this book due to particularly and exclusively difficult language for me,
considering that English is not my first language. Plus, I’m stretching out my pleasure of seeing
the relationship between Feyre and Rhysand ;D


Blog updates:

I hope that next week I will be more productive, and provide you more content to read 🙂


Bookstagram updates:

My bookstagram updates were mostly entries for either giveaways or rep searches, for which I really apologize ^^” But I still have some pictures to share! And yesterday I took another bunch of photos enough until the end of this month (I hope), before my country goes on another public holiday, when I will have more time to take photos, and craft stuff, and everything else!



How was your week? Probably you’ve all been preparing for Easter, right? To everyone celebrating it – Happy Easter! I promised to do some instagram shoutouts, so I better go there and fulfill my promise~

See you next week!

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1 thought on “The Sunday Post: April 10-16th”

  1. I love ACOMAF, I’m so excited for ACOWAR…only 15 days until it comes out! Good on you for reading it in English though! As someone who only speaks English, I can’t even imagine how difficult it could be to read something that isn’t your first language. Your instagram pics are really pretty 😊😊

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