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Wednesday Shelf Control: Lord of the Rings saga

Wednesday Shelf Control is a bookish meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies on a weekly basis.



I’m back from my short trip to Danang city with my best friend, and ‘as a luck’, I’m currently having a severe headache due to sudden change of weather surroundings (it was around 25-26 degrees Celsius in Danang while HCMC kept the temperature at around 29-30 degrees), so I’m trying not to pressure much over anything including book blogging (sorry about that!), but I also thought that I should slowly go back to being fully active, or otherwise, I’ll be stuck at this slump forever. And since it’s Wednesday, let’s do our regular Shelf control!

Today’s featuring book is…


Lord of the Rings saga by J.R.R. Tolkien

How I got it:

I got ebook copies in Russian from my friend who was lovely enough to share 🙂

When I got it:


Why I want to read it:

I think I’m the only one here who hadn’t read anything Tolkien: nor LotR, neither Hobbit or anything else. I planned for a long time, but still couldn’t bring myself to do so, and I can’t even say why. Maybe it was because of my initial habit of avoiding super popular stuff. Or because back at times I thought HP was better than this, so I didn’t give it a go. But now it’s such a classic of fantasy genre, that I thought I can’t avoid it any longer.

Somehow I still manage to avoid reading them despite having on my TBR list.


How much do you think I would like or dislike LotR? I know it’s a fantasy with a great world setting, but I’m still not sure if I will dig the plot. I tried watching the first movie, but dropped after first 20 minutes…

Many hearts,

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