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Announcement: New Blog Design!


Oh, hello!

Remember I said long time ago that I wanted to completely change my blog layout?
Well, here it is.

I proudly announce the start of my new layout for Liliana N Bookish Blog! Welcome to the Night Court/Velaris, the City of Starlight my new interior!

Some followers might already know that I initially planned to make an Alice in Wonderland themed layout, and also I’ve mentioned a couple of times about wanting to rebrand myself.

After some time I tried to pick a new name, I’ve chosen Books Build My Wonderland, and I was seriously preparing for full turn-around, but at the last moment I admitted to myself that the new name still didn’t sound right, and that the possible re-establishing would take a lot of efforts, and by that time I already got attached to my initial name, so I finally decided to stick with the old name, but drastically change the layout.

I mean, I have no ill feeling for my previous aquamarine design, but it looked way too simple, and way too plain for such a complicated character as I am in reality. After trying out some banners for Alice-themed design I found that it was way too messy, and, to be honest, those checkers I had in the banners were annoying. So I stopped thinking on that theme.

I still remembered how much I loved stars and everything stars related (massive shoutout to Velaris and the whole Night Court here, folks!), and here I am today, as a result, with a new layout, writing this long, probably unnecessary post to you all hahaha.


This is how my blog looks right now and will look from now on (until I decide that I need to change again lol). I still kept the simple background and dominant colors of the layout, with only colorful banners filling the space like splashes of watercolor.

As usual, I’m still keeping these colorful banners at the beginning of each post, and I think it perfectly catches your eyes when you’re looking at the whole blog. It stands out very much, but not to the point of annoyance (I hope so).


I’m especially enjoying my new sidebar layout! Compared to my previous design, at all looks much more organised and united in theme, and sure now you won’t feel lost when trying to find some of my segments.

I seriously love how perfectly it now all looks together! It’s all so unified and, I won’t be humble, pretty, that I still can’t believe that I managed to pull out this kind of design!

I also took away some unnecessary widgets such as latest posts, and calendar. Anyways, you still scroll down the first page to see my latest updates, so there never was a need for such widget in first place. And as for calendar – tell me honestly, how many of you actually check out the days bolded in the calendar to let you know how many posts I wrote? Or when I posted a specific entry?


rating-4-starsNow, onto the blog post layout. The way I write book reviews stayed the same, so the change only affected those dividers I use to separate different kind of information. Also, instead of using Unicode symbols of stars, I now rate with images that match the overall design.

separatorThe Let’s Chat! divider is now replaced by Interaction Time! one that you can see if you get to the end of the post. All dividers got bigger in sizes, which, I hope, will not affect on your overall impressions on my content. Also the regular arrow divider is now replaced by this one you see on the left.

And, of course, my signature also got its new layout:
so from now on you will see this dreamy cloud of stars at the end of every post!


Here it is! What do you think of my new blog design? I had so much fun for the last two days when preparing all these small details that compiled onto what you can see now!

I won’t be redesigning my previously written posts, as it will take a lot of time, so please don’t feel confused when reading my old posts with the old design!

Love you all,

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