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Outside the Book Nook: Perfectly Magical – Celebrating #20YearsofHarryPotter in VN


Why, hello there, world!

This should’ve been a Top Ten Tuesday post, but since I have nothing to present for this week’s prompt, I won’t be doing the meme and, instead, will rant about ‘experience’ at the latest HP celebration in Ho Chi Minh city’s book street that took place last weekend (May 13-14th), and was hosted by British CouncilTre Publishing House (the publishing house that currently issues all HP related stuff), and Hogwarts.vn, Vietnamese biggest HP fanbase.

Probably I should give you a very short background of my life as a #Potterhead? I’ll try to make it less than 200 words lol

So I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Russian for the first time when I was 8 (a.k.a. 2001), which now makes 16 years since I’ve became a Potterhead. I’m, indeed, one of those people who impatiently waited for every single book (well, except for the last one), and read the newest part within maximum 2 days (yep, I managed to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which you already know is the thickest book in the series, in 2 days). After I read them for the first time, I kept re-reading, and my parents kept joking about how I already memorised all books word by word, which is not really true, lol. I didn’t really follow up with the movies since my family couldn’t allow going to the cinemas, so I could watch them a few years later when my classmates gifted me a movie compilation DVD (at that time only for first 4 movies), plus I received PC games based on movies/books (I’m still loving the Prisoner of Azkaban one and the Quidditch World Cup one), so I played them (ok, I’m shamelessly lying, I only played the third one and the QWC). The final book in the series came out after I was forced to migrate back to Vietnam, and it took me three years before I could actually read it in Russian. And, as you can guess, that was just in time before the final 2 parts came out, which I’ve seen both at the cinemas.
To be honest, I never was involved with the fandom itself, meaning I didn’t participate in discussions, theories making, writing fanfiction or whatever creativity that was labelled as ‘fandom activity’. I was a very humble HP fan, without thoughts on my possible OTP, alternatives and etc. I just loved HP and loved the wizarding world JKR created. I’m still not accociating myself with HP fandom the way I accociate myself with Fullmetal Alchemist one in terms of crafting/braistorming stuff. I’m still just a person who re-reads books and re-watches movies; I think I only went to read fanfiction when I was interested in Dramione couple, but that also faded quickly, so I remained as a very humble HP fan. Of course, now I own some HP related stuff, but that’s probably all I do as a Potterhead.



So, back to my experience at Perfectly Magical – Celebrating #20YearsofHarryPotter!

This celebration was a part of a European literature week held at the same book street I talked about long time ago, involving some interesting wizardry related activities.

I dressed up as a #ProudRavenclaw, with my blue robe and necktie, and a camera to capture everything you’ll see now below 🙂 Sorry for my shameless af selfie lol Also enjoy my new red hair!

But it was so hot that Saturday, and I had no other choice to wear a long-sleeved shirt to match with the tie (’cause I don’t have short-sleeved one), and I kept sweating like hell (my physiology can be compared to one of a male’s T_T). But anyways, it was fun!

So, at one side of the street, there were 2 photoshooting stands with Platform 9 & 3/4 wall and the Weasley’s flying car!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then, on the other side there was a small stage, where all public events were carried during the week. When I arrived, all winners of HP quiz were already announced and awarded, so no pictures from there 😦

Somewhere in between them, there were three tables side by side, full of HP related merchandise: replicas of wands (I personally got myself the Luna Lovegood one!) and other items appeared in movies, necklaces, bracelets, Hogwarts houses’ uniforms, few photobooks, t-shirts and mugs with funny HP prints – all presented by three different HP merch shops! I also got myself a tote bag you can see on one of those pictures in order to support the whole event.

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Behind the shopping stand, there was another fun installation of Quidditch stadium, with handmade rings for, obviously, a Quidditch game! People from Hogwarts.vn personally made everything, even decorated the balls so they looked like Quaffle! Strike 3 goals out of four, and you get the big prize! For each goal you anyways receive a bookmark (I haven’t taken a picture of that yet) with the House of your choice!

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Well, everything pretty much ended with that game, but look how many participants were there!

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

Very few of them got Quaffles through all three rings! I was too tired to stand in the line to try myself, and I kinda regret that, but still, I did my best in supporting those players!

And of course, as a grand finale for myself, I purchase the newest reissued edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 🙂


So, I hope you weren’t bored with my countless off-topic posts that are nowhere to be related to books lol

I’m still struggling with both Wintersong and Pax, and I started an awesome sci-fi/dystopian retelling of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, so I don’t know how to manage my time to actually finish them, since I scheduled having a review for Wintersong to this Friday. I probably need to encourage myself to fulfill my plan.

Thanks for staying with me,

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9 thoughts on “Outside the Book Nook: Perfectly Magical – Celebrating #20YearsofHarryPotter in VN”

  1. I can absolutely not believe it has been 20 years, oh my god. What even 😀
    That said, I have still not read all of the books! While you’re gasping, let me explain. When it came out, it was waaaaay too popular for me to read (I am hipster like that! lol), then… it continued being too popular. Then I couldn’t avoid watching the movies cause mom was watching them on TV, and hey, they turned out to be pretty cool! And yet, I think I only read the first book in like 2013 or something. After that, I loved the books! And didn’t want them to be over 🤣 so I started reading them slowly. But now I feel like I’d like to read all the story, all in one sitting. And it’s only fitting for the 20 years! I think when I have some time off in the summer, I will just sit down and read NOTHING BUT Harry Potter, back to back. IT WILL BE SO AWESOME.
    I’m a Hufflepuff, by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s completely okay if you haven’t read HP yet, though I’d react exactly how you mentioned hahaha
      I hope you’ll enjoy your journey to the wizarding world!
      I’m partially Hufflepuff, but Ravenclaw (and Luna Lovegood) still dominates in me 🙂


      1. Luna is AWESOME. I think I might also be part Ravenclaw, cause SMRT (lol), but my character traits are totally huffing and puffing 😀 although I had a hard time adjusting to the fact I’m Hufflepuff! The house doesn’t exactly get a lot of love T_T

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Probably that’s because we know even less of Hufflepuff than any other houses. At least there were very memorable Ravenclaw representatives throughout the series (Luna, Cho Chang), but out from Hufflepuff there was only Cedric who got most spotlight, and, I’d be honest, he didn’t open up the true character of Hufflepuff students. Probably that’s why it’s hard to adjust to being Huff T_T /tbh, I’m 70% Ravenclaw and 30% Hufflepuff/

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah, that makes sense. I didn’t like Cedric too much xD and yes, definitely doesn’t get too much attention, although from what I’ve heard, Rowling really liked that house?? It also might be just that Hufflepuffs aren’t the standout-ish crowd. They just silently do their work, cause they’re dilligent like that, and the spotlight is always on the other houses. Cause these guys just do the annoying drudgery work and kind of stay in the shadow. Maybe you know what I mean?

        Liked by 1 person

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