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Wednesday Shelf Control: Tales of Trensalore: The Eleven’th Doctor Last Stand


Wednesday Shelf Control is a bookish meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies on a weekly basis.


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And now we move onto another Wednesday Shelf Control post!

Today’s featuring book is…

Doctor Who: Tales of Trensalore: The Eleven’th Doctor Last Stand 
by Mark Morris, Justin Richards, George Mann, Paul Finch

How I got it:

I purchased a Russian eBook copy from

When I got it:

2015, I guess.

Why I want to read it:

I used to be a Doctor Who trash. I could say that I still am, but that would partially be a lie, because I dropped watching it ever since the end of Season 9. I didn’t like how Steven Moffat ruined the potential success of the Twelfth Doctor (and trust me, Peter Capaldi pulls it off very good, but!) while fully focusing on Clara being too exclusive to this Universe, and so as soon as she made her final appearance in the series, I stopped watching it. Clara’s role were WAY TOO EXAGGERATED, and the longer she stayed in the plot, the more annoying she became. I don’t even hate Rose Tyler as that much as I now hate Clara Oswald.

But anyways, I still loved DW at some point, and my favorite Doctors will always be Tenth and Eleventh, so I’m pretty much reading everything with them. I have several other DW books to read, but Tales of Trensalore stayed on my TBR list the longest out of them. And I hope I can get to read it soon, as I already miss this lovely raggedy man.


Are you a #Whovian? Who’s your favorite Doctor, and who’s your favorite Doctor’s companion? Maybe you also have a Doctor-Companion combination that you ultimately love (like I do with Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble)?

Until next time, folks!

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Shelf Control: Tales of Trensalore: The Eleven’th Doctor Last Stand”

  1. Haha, I used to be the same 😀 but somehow after the Moffar thing happened.. Well, it was still good, I guess. But just not the same. Haven’t been watching since the middle of Capaldi’s season, pretty much. It’s just… Not the same.
    Used to have loads of books as well! They’re lying around on my kindle. Not all of them are good, although some are pretty strong.
    My favorites were 9th and 10th. 11th was okay, but meh. HE BECAME THE COMPANION. I guess your problem with Clara is related to that as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Moffat was ruining the show ever since Clara’s appearance. I loved seasons 5 and 6, and the first half of season 7, the second half of it went relatively well until Moffat popped out that /important role/ Clara ‘has’ in relation to the Doctor, and that basically ruined everything. Clara should’ve stayed as a , and not become the to the Doctor.


      1. I mostly felt like that as well, although I already didn’t love the show so much when the Ponds were around. My boyfriend, a long time DW nerd who’s watched the classics, thinks it’s personal between him and Moffat, basically 😀 too much deus ex machina, you know?


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