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Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana: #Iconic K-pop songs of all time (Part 2)


Please read the first part of this post before reading this one!

Hello, and sorry for delay of this post! It originally should’ve been drafted and scheduled yesterday, but I was too tired after riding the whole day in the city, so now I’m using my time to fill in the gap!

In my previous Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana post I listed some of the most iconic K-pop tracks of all time, and today I’d like to list songs I think have the biggest potential to become the next iconic songs in K-pop. Let’s get straight to it then!


INFINITE is already famous for their knife-like (meaning very sharp) choreography and stable vocals, so no wonder this song has became their trademark. It’s still unseen when there will be another group with such strong and sharp choreography like INFINITE.


SISTAR – Alone

There is no one who didn’t try to follow this dance back in 2012. Despite being dubbed as “Summer Queens”, SISTAR’s most recognizable track still stays the one that doesn’t fit the summer concept. Although, I have to admit, all their summer track are complete bops: Loving you, I swear, and Touch my body.


Troublemaker (Hyunah & Hyunseung) – Troublemaker

This duo, consisting of now ex-4MINUTE member Hyunah and ex-BEAST member Hyunseung, blew up the K-pop in 2012 with overly sexy track called Troublemaker. Sure they got a lot of negative comments for the concept, but it still didn’t cancel the fact that everyone was obsessed with this song.


EXID – Up & Down

This song originally was released in August 2014. At first it didn’t make it to charts. Then , 6 months later, the legendary fancam of EXID’s member Hani was uploaded on YouTube, and BOOM! A miracle happened: this song raised up from the bottom up in charts, reaching 1st place and thus giving the girls their very first award after 3 years of struggle. Ever since then, the girls were always greeted with loud cheers, and their new releases always got in Top10 in all possible charts.

If not for this sudden revival, EXID would’ve been disbanded as of today, so I’m really glad these girls survived, because they definitely deserve it!


GFRIEND – Me Gustas Tu, Rough

GFRIEND brought back the powerful innocent concept that seemed to be long forgotten for years, since many other girl groups had rather lovely, cute, fierce, or sexy concepts. So it was really refreshing seeing a girl group reviving the power SNSD once had at their debut times. Well, that is exactly what GFRIEND was cursed for at first (more of like “they’re plagiarizing SNSD!”), but staying loyal to this concept brought their wins on musical shows and awards as they truly deserved.


EXO – Growl

I was struggling between Growl and Overdose when picking a song for EXO, but, to be honest, Growl is exactly the definition of a trademark song for an artist, as most non-EXO fans know this track when hearing their name.

Admit it, this song is damn addictive.


BEAST – Fiction

My forever personal favorite from BEAST (now known as Highlight). You never get tired of hearing the beat of this song. Plus choreo. Plus vocals.



Yep, this song is addictive. This song is self-written, self-produced by all members of the group. Basically, they feed themselves with lots from royalties. And they’re hella talented!


BTS – Dope

I’m not a fan of BTS, but this song got me shoooked! It might sound a bit annoying when listening for the first time, but then it grows up on you very fiercely. Did you know that recently exactly THIS BOI GROUP received a Billboard award? 🙂


A’Pink – No No No, Mr. Chu

A’Pink is considered as the most beloved girl group by Korean army forces. Whenever they come to army camp to perform, boys there just go head over heels! Especially when such song as No No No is full of encouraging messages that these men need when serving for the sake of South Korea.


BLACKPINK – Playing with fire

These girls only debuted last year, but they already won over million hearts of fans with their fierce image, awesome vocal and rap skills, and, of course, their visuals. Especially after the disbandment of their senior group 2NE1, these girl keep drawing attention from everyone in hopes of becoming a well deserving descending girl group from such huge label as YG is.


Yaaaay! I did it! Hahahahahahaha…

I hope that you will like what I’m currently doing for my newest segment related to K-pop, and I’m evil planning to lure you allllllll into K-pop, so I can feed you with even more awesome tracks hahaha.

See you next week, when I will come back to the survival program Produce 101 Season 2 and give you the list of best performances from the show up to Episode 9 (which will be aired tonight in SK)!


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3 thoughts on “Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana: #Iconic K-pop songs of all time (Part 2)”

  1. I’m surprised that you added Seventeen! I’m not saying that they don’t deserve it, they are my Ultimate bias group! I’m so glad that they’re getting so much recognition now! I remember when Adore U only had a million views! *cries* Now they’re touring around the world and are popular in Korea! Also, thank you for adding that they’re a self produced group!

    I’m definitely more familiar with these groups! xD Especially Gfriend. Not a fan of them but I like their title songs. I really like Fingertip as well. I feel like it’s a nice concept transition.

    BTS… when you said ‘Dope’ might sound a bit annoying at first xD Yeah, this song made me know about BTS. I don’t stan them but I’m glad they’re doing so well.

    And how can one not know about the famous ‘up and down’ xD

    I also really like No No No and Playing with Fire and Growl!

    I’m not as familiar with Infinite but I definitely acknowledge their talent!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Seventeen’s music is not always my taste, but I love their two songs: Mansae and Aju Nice! 🙂

      You should really give Infinite a good listen! They’re not that type of group whose music you can listen to while doing something else, in that case it’s impossible to get their style!


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