Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana

Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana: MAMAMOO (a.k.a. vocal QUEENS)


Hello, and welcome to another post of mine, where I will be praising another vocal goddesses. I’ve fallen for them soon after their official debut, and I never regretted my decision of hardcore stanning these ladies, even despite some of their controversies.

Basic information

Group name: MAMAMOO | 마마무
Debut: June 18, 2014
Agency: RBW Entertainment
Notable singles: Piano Man, Um Oh Ah Yeh, You’re The Best, Décalcomanie
Fanclub name: MooMoo (translated as “radish” from Korean)
Official color: TBA
What is unique about them: to put whatever they are capable of doing with their voices in two words: VOCAL QUEENS.

MAMAMOO is a 4-member girl group under Rainbow Bridge (RBW) Entertainment, mainly known as a group with outstanding vocal skills. They made the official debut on June 18th, 2014 with Mr. Ambiguous as the title track from their first mini album Hello. They’ve gained much attention for going retro-style and overall unique sound that is hardly found in other girl groups.



From left to right: Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein, Hwasa

Solar (born Kim Yongsun): leader, main vocalist
Moonbyul (born Moon Byulyi): main rapper, main dancer, sub-vocalist
Wheein (born Jung Wheein): lead vocalist, main dancer
Hwasa (born Ahn Hyejin): vocalist, lead rapper, maknae


These girls were born to slay. Even such goddess as Lee Hyori have admitted that. You will never tell from their debut performances that they’ve only started their journey to stardom. The way they casually perform on every single stage will just blow your mind away.

Before their official debut, the ladies have collaborated with some artists like K.Will and Bumkey.

Then they made an official debut with Mr. Ambiguous, with an MV that features many well-known Korean artists (including K.Will, Baek Jiyoung, Jung Joonyung, Lee Junghyun from CN.BLUE, etc). I mean, notice THE SOUND of the song. This was considered as one of the best debuts of 2014.

MAMAMOO followed their retro concept and released their next bop that is Piano Man. Seriously, you should see their live performances. Queens of ad-libs, queens of improvisations, queens of stage performances. The year-end shows were blessed with their performances! By the way, exactly at around that time the girls were invited to Immortal Songs 2, a Korean music show that revives legends’ songs (only best of the best vocals are invited there, fyi). And that’s when they started shooting to their current stardom. What a wise decision, RBW!

Want more sassy retro bops? Head straight to their next collaboration with labelmate eSNa and be blown away by their song Ahh Oop! I’m still hardcore jamming to this song, it’s way too good.

Or more mature stuff? Sure we have Decalcomanie. VOCALS, dear followers, VOCALS! Another jam for me. They also slayed those year-end shows with this song. Especially you should notice their performance at Blue Dragon Awards which is an acting awards, and the main point is usually the audience on acting awards are very quiet and not really familiar with idols, but MAMAMOO once again proved that they can do everything. So they changed the lyrics in order to interact with those actors attending the award. You should have seen Jung Woosung’s reaction to Moonbyul’s rap… Unfortunately, there’s no active link to that performance 😦

Also, most recent stuff is their newest mini album Purple, with the title track Yes, I Am. It sounds a bit different from what MAMAMOO usually do, but still, it’s hard to deny the slayage they’re always delivering.

Oh, you thought they only can do such serious kind of songs? Nope, they’re also good with being dorks and lowkey dissing each other. Or using dad puns to create a freaking song.

I’m taller than you! You’re 160, and I’m (16)1! And the difference between us is just 1cm!

Yep, they can do that.


Immortal Songs 2 performances

Just earlier I mentioned that these girls got constantly invited to Immortal Songs 2, which is a very big Korean music show, very much loved and honored by Korean audience of every age, especially elder people, since the purpose of the program is to rearrange their beloved old songs in a new way. And it’s not easy for an IDOL group to be constantly invited over and over again on such show. But MAMAMOO did it again. Check out their best performances!


Reasons you should pay attention to this artist:

  • Again, VOCALS.
  • And million times more, VOCALS.
  • Queens of harmonization.
  • Queens of acapella.

  • Goddesses of improvisations.
  • How effortlessly they perform on every possible stage given to them.
  • At the same time, they give zero shit about their image.
  • Which leads to a conclusion that these ladies are complete dorks. Just watch them in a car.

  • They’re actually known as beagle-dols (combination of beagle, a dog breed known for his hyperness, and idol).
  • Only these girls can make a cover of a song, and fucking sing about panties. LITERALLY. /Actually, it was Hwasa improvisation, but why it slays so haaard?/
    P.S. Yes, it’s a “Blurred Lines” cover.

I will never get over this. Hahahahahahah


Conclusion: I stan the right girls. And it’s not that I don’t care about some of their controversies, it’s just I don’t make that much of a fuss around it. Sure it’s serious (if you’re curious, you can google it), but you can’t judge their whole life by one mistake they’ve accidentally made.

Anyways, what do you think? I really love their music style, and actually they have lot more good side tracks, but I couldn’t include it because it would turn out to be a very long post, and I’m not sure I can handle another two-post entry just like I did for NU’EST (but at least the boys had reasons!). But if you’re still stuck on Youtube, I recommend you to also check out Gentleman (another collaboration with eSNA) and I Miss You.

Okay, I’m done for today. BYE!!

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana: MAMAMOO (a.k.a. vocal QUEENS)”

  1. Mamamoo is one of those groups that I don’t stan but I really appreciate. I first heard about them when this YouTuber named some of his favourite girl groups. He mentioned that we should check out their acapella version of um oh ah yeh which I really liked.

    Their introduction is definitely one of the best kpop group introductions ever. That HARMONISATION.

    One of my favourites is definitely 1cm (Taller than you) it’s so fun 😛 I also like You’re the best, Piano Man and Mr Ambiguous (though I did find out about these songs through Classical Musicians React).

    I also liked it when they covered Seventeen’s Adore U and Seventeen’s vocal team covered um oh ah yeh (Though I had some serious second hand embarrassment from the intro xD) and when seventeen covered Decalcomanie.

    I like their musical style and how unique they are. They really stand out and deserve all their love in Korea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Classical Musicians React is one of the best channels for K-pop reactions! I used to also like MRJ before he stopped doing reactions (and seems like he disappeared from youtube).

      MAMAMOO and VROMANCE have the best group introductions! Yes, those HARMONIES.

      I have some side track that I love more than title tracks, for instance, Gentleman from Piano Man single (a duet with eSNa), I Miss You from their first album as well 😀

      YES, MAMAMOO must rise even higher!


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