Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana

Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana: VROMANCE (Vocal princes!)


Hello, hello, hello, hello~o~o~

Welcome back to another edition of Wednesday K-pop!, and today you’ll be introduced to another vocal monsters who happen to be under the same management company with MAMAMOO, which is why in K-pop world we call them “younger brothers”~

Happy 1st anniversary for these young men!

Basic information

Group name: VROMANCE | 브로맨스
Debut: July 12, 2016
Agency: RBW Entertainment
Notable singles: She, I’m Fine, Already Winter
Fanclub name: Vroccoli (nope, I’m not joking)
What is unique about them: Awesome vocals, endless dorks. Once you listen to them, you’ll be wanting more!

VROMANCE is a 4 member vocal boy group under Rainbow Bridge World (RBW) Entertainment, that is also a home for their senior group MAMAMOO. The boys were already known to Koreans as vocal trainers and vocal guides, as they have recorded demo versions of many Korean hit tracks. They’ve made their official debut on July 12th, 2017 (literally today/yesterday, depending on what time zone you’re at), with the song She (여자 사람 친구).



From left to right: Hyunseok, Janghyun, Hyunkyu, Chandong

Park Janghyuk: leader, oldest member, in charge of emotional vocals
Park Hyunkyu: second oldest, in charge of sexiness
Lee Chandong: second youngest, in charge of handsomeness a.k.a. visual of the group; he featured as the male lead in MAMAMOO’s MV “You’re The Best”
Lee Hyunseok: maknae, in charge of manliness and being the giant maknae hahaha


More outstanding vocals for your blog feed! Usually I’m more into girl groups rather than boy bands, but when it comes to massive powerhouse vocals, I can’t just stay away from both gender groups. When I read that a vocal group under MAMAMOO’s agency is going to debut, I was happily jumping around my apartment, because I knew that RBW only releases quality stuff, and since MAMAMOO already got their recognition for being vocal queens, I (and not only me) was expecting that the boys would also slay everyone with their vocals!

I’d say honestly, I don’t follow VROMANCE’s daily activities that closely, but I diligently keep up with whatever releases they have (ok, lowkey lying, but still). Unfortunately, since they’re still considered rookies, and it’s only been a year since their debut, they don’t have THAT much material to show off yet (just like Dreamcatcher), but still every single that they’ve released up to today is worth listening!

Let’s start with their bright debut song She (여자 사람 친구) (so later I can make you ugly cry with their follow-up track…), and be totally shookt by Janghyun’s high note at 3:06-3:13~

They’re also good at making song covers and medleys! Check out their 2016 girl group hit songs ACAPELLA mash-up! It includes such bops as Cheer Up by TWICE, Why So Lonely by Wonder Girls, NAVILLERA by GFRIEND, etc., and is a must listen if you really want to know their vocal abilities.

Also! Some more covers! Bang Bang (original by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicky Minaj), I Don’t Love You (original by Urban Zakapa), 200% (original by Akdong Musician), and the list can go ooon~

VROMANCE also got invited to Immortal Songs 2 a couple of times, and they, of course, showcased whatever killer vocal skills they had!

And now, to finish this music appreciation part, I’ll make you cry hard with the title song from their second mini album… The title of the song says I’m Fine, but I guarantee you that you will NEVER be fine.


Reasons you should pay attention to this artist:

  • You still didn’t figure it out? VOCALS.
  • Awesome songs that get you shookt HARD.
  • Really hard.
  • I’m still crying over I’m Fine!

hong eunki when u a diva and need servants to fan u.gif

  • They’re also weirdos.
  • I mean, what else do you even expect from RBW artists.
  • They’re all like that.
  • And you should not regret stanning them. Hahat.
  • 끝!


Sorry I’m not really active this week! I just came back from my business trip, and I also would like to take some rest while digging some Produce 101 related stuff (too many things happening these months in P101 fandom!). I will come back soon with some more content to share!

Btw, I wanted to ask: would you like me to have a post of photos taken by me? I have some pictures I’d love to share, so I’ll be really glad if I get some response on that!

Love you all,

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  1. I’ve heard of them! They’re not really a group I would stan but I hope I remember to check out their music from time to time. They’re so underrated! (I know some groups can’t help but be underrated… after all there are 11398748797403928-258352-485-40 kpop groups after all).

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