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Ongoing hiatus & upcoming changes



Yes, it’s been a while. My last entry here was of August 22nd.
I’m sorry for my sudden long disappearance.

To put the whole situation in a nutshell, I’m facing a lot of pressure regarding my real life and my blogging life.
I almost stopped reading ever since August, and I currently have no motivation to go back to reading yet, because I’m being swayed away by k-pop and real life issues.

A couple of weeks ago I already announced on both my bookish instagram and twitter about shutting down those accounts and only keeping my blog half-alive. Here’s the whole message I left on those accounts:

Hi. I have an announcement to make.

I’ll be shutting down both my bookish twitter and instagram, and stay only with my WordPress blog.

Ever since I started book blogging, I was struggling with keeping up the updates as I hoped I could cope with + the pressure of regularly updating (especially taking photos) made it much harder for me to enjoy the reading process, resulting in taking a way too long of a break from itself.

After thinking for a good while I decided that I need to reduce the amount of platforms I’m dedicating my bookworm life to, so I can focus more on one format I feel more comfortable and less burdened with, which is blog. I will try to start blogging again after I decide how do I want to keep it, when obviously I have more k-pop related content to share than bookish. Since WordPress pretty much allow you to separate content, I will think of a complete redesign of my space.

The moment I reestablish everything on WordPress, I will announce it on Twitter and IG before closing both of my accounts. You can read my reviews on Goodreads anytime you feel like overwhelmed with the amount of k-pop content I will be posting on WordPress.

Thank you for reading this.

Currently I’m facing a very serious family crisis that is impossible for me to take control over, and the only thing I can do now is to continue doing my daily routine while preparing for the worst case possible, which means more responsibilities to take care of and less time to do social activities. So it’s even more crucial for me to reduce the amount of social accounts I possess because I simply get way too overwhelmed.

I really hope you will understand my situation, and I will not blame any one of you if you decide to unfollow my blog. I can’t make everyone like the content I will post from near future onwards, as well as I can’t keep myself pressured with the content I don’t feel like writing.

I will apparently remain on hiatus mode from WordPress until the end of this year, so I have more than enough time to figure out my new layout. Thank you for those short 6 months you’ve been with me as a book blogger, and I hope to see you soon as a multi-topic blogger.


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