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Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana: Best PRODUCE 101 Season 2 performances


Hello, all possible nations reading my silly book blog!

Here we are again with Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana, and today I’ll come back to the Korean survival program PRODUCE 101 Season 2, with listing the best performances up to the most recent Episode 9 that freaking blew up everyone!

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Do The Talking, Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana

Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana: #Iconic K-pop songs of all time (Part 2)


Please read the first part of this post before reading this one!

Hello, and sorry for delay of this post! It originally should’ve been drafted and scheduled yesterday, but I was too tired after riding the whole day in the city, so now I’m using my time to fill in the gap!

In my previous Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana post I listed some of the most iconic K-pop tracks of all time, and today I’d like to list songs I think have the biggest potential to become the next iconic songs in K-pop. Let’s get straight to it then!

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Do The Talking, Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana

Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana: #ICONIC K-pop songs of all time


Hello, and welcome to the first official episode of my brand new segment Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana. Once a week, yours truly will tell you all about her second obsession, with an intention of luring more and more people into K-pop, as well as expressing herself throughout her biggest hobbies.

Today I will rant about the most iconic K-pop songs of all time.
How is a K-pop song defined as iconic? What songs are already listed as ones? Which has the potential to become the next iconic tracks? Hit the “Continue reading” to know the answer!

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Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana

[NEW CORNER] Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana – #Prologue


Well, hello the bookish world!

After almost 3 month since I’ve joined the bookish world, and doing numerous bookish memes on a weekly basis, I thought that I should add some of my personal spice and make this blog look more like my actual online home, with everything I love dearly and willing to share with all of my followers and random newcomers!

So from today on, I’m cancelling my weekly Wednesday Shelf Control, and replacing it with another corner of my own called Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana, where, as you could’ve already guessed, I will talk about everything K-pop: introducing artists, sharing thoughts, news, recommending music, playlists, and even, if I manage to do that, my own contents like k-pop dance covers.

I personally think that, by blending my second obsession with the bookish niche of my blog, I will let you know a little bit more about my personality and my picks, and, since K-pop and books are on par for my life obsessions, I will put as much efforts and passion into this segment as I do to any other bookish corners I have here established.

I really hope you would like this corner, as well as you are willing to know about those wonderful artists from Korean showbiz.

~Welcome to Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana~

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April Fairyloot unboxing! (Or my first ever subscription box)


Hello world!

I have a little announcement before I move onto the topic of this, indeed, interesting post. Don’t worry, it’s not the breaking news of me leaving the blogging world – no, gosh, no way I will abandon what I love so much even if I feel tired!
Well, to put simply – I’m going on another travel at the end of this week. Again, yes. No, it won’t take long, but I definitely won’t be able to post my weekly digest, and I will try my best to schedule something for Saturday, if I come up with a content worth sharing right now. You can still find me on other platforms like instagram and twitter (yep, feel free to spam me there lol), but I won’t be able to answer the comments here for 3 days or so.
So that’s all for the announcement, now let’s move onto the blog post of today!

So at the end of April I received my first ever subscription box, and I’m absolutely glad that I picked Fairyloot to be that first box! Since it’s long past spoiler time, how about I share with you the contents of the April box?


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Do The Talking, The Madman behind this blog

Do The Talking: My biggest hardship as a #bookstagrammer (or let’s talk about social anxiety)



It’s been a while since I’ve posted a discussion. Despite having more than enough ideas for Do The Talking segment, I couldn’t get into the respective mood for each idea I wrote down into my book blogging bullet journal. But as I noticed my drastic decrease of social activity, I decided to share with you some thoughts on my biggest struggle as a #bookstagrammer, as well as a book blogger, which is social anxiety. Continue reading “Do The Talking: My biggest hardship as a #bookstagrammer (or let’s talk about social anxiety)”

Do The Talking

Do The Talking: Following the mainstream (Or why I don’t read books I see everywhere at the same time with the world)


A.k.a. Why the heck are you not following book trends, Liliana???

Okay, this draft has been staying here unfinished for almost 3 weeks already, and, of course, I could’ve finished it within like, 4 hours, but then, as you probably remember, weather changes hit hard on my health, so I took a break from hardcore brainstorming. But now that I’m back, let’s have another #bookwormproblems discussion!

This time, I will talk about following the mainstream.

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Do The Talking

Do The Talking: How to deal with a book hangover (and not die from that in misery)


Hi book worms and book dragons! It’s time for a fun rant!

As you know, last week I kept talking and commenting about having a huge book hangover caused by a sequel to a fantasy book by my pen friend, and how I couldn’t pick up the next book to read /currently fighting with original version of Harry Potter series/, so I decided to joke about ways to handle a book hangover. Because you know, sometimes that happens:

cr.: @redbubble

Warning: It’s GIF heavy.

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Do The Talking

Classic Remarks + Do The Talking: Recommend an Obscure Classic


Classic Remarks is a meme hosted at Pages Unbound that poses questions each Friday about classic literature and asks participants to engage in ongoing discussions surrounding not only themes in the novels but also questions about canon formation, the “timelessness” of literature, and modes of interpretation.


I thought, “Why not combining my regular Do The Talking segment with Classic Remarks, if I’m planning to do this meme?” And that’s how this post is a combination of both my Do The Talking: Russian books and Classic Remarks by Pages Unbound.


So this week’s prompt is:


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Do The Talking: Russian Fairy tales + Recommendations


Hello, and it’s THAT time again!
Another Do The Talking: Russian books  post is here!
I won’t deny: I feel somewhat special when I have something new I can share with you guys, because you know how other countries books deserve their exposure time!

I know that I’m not the only one talking about Russian books, there are several other more experienced bloggers who talk about them professionally, but I want to introduce you to Russian literature in a way it doesn’t feel overwhelming, and at the same time attractive to you! And I’m always happy when someone decides to at least give a try to Russian books from those recommended lists I put up, because this is how your effort should be paid with!

So today I would like to talk about Russian Fairy tales, and, of course, at the end of my ranting, you will see recommendations. Remember, everything written here is complied from a subjective point of view, so don’t blame yourself (or me) for not matching your tastes and/or expectations!

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