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Ongoing hiatus & upcoming changes



Yes, it’s been a while. My last entry here was of August 22nd.
I’m sorry for my sudden long disappearance.

To put the whole situation in a nutshell, I’m facing a lot of pressure regarding my real life and my blogging life.
I almost stopped reading ever since August, and I currently have no motivation to go back to reading yet, because I’m being swayed away by k-pop and real life issues.

A couple of weeks ago I already announced on both my bookish instagram and twitter about shutting down those accounts and only keeping my blog half-alive. Here’s the whole message I left on those accounts:

Hi. I have an announcement to make.

I’ll be shutting down both my bookish twitter and instagram, and stay only with my WordPress blog.

Ever since I started book blogging, I was struggling with keeping up the updates as I hoped I could cope with + the pressure of regularly updating (especially taking photos) made it much harder for me to enjoy the reading process, resulting in taking a way too long of a break from itself.

After thinking for a good while I decided that I need to reduce the amount of platforms I’m dedicating my bookworm life to, so I can focus more on one format I feel more comfortable and less burdened with, which is blog. I will try to start blogging again after I decide how do I want to keep it, when obviously I have more k-pop related content to share than bookish. Since WordPress pretty much allow you to separate content, I will think of a complete redesign of my space.

The moment I reestablish everything on WordPress, I will announce it on Twitter and IG before closing both of my accounts. You can read my reviews on Goodreads anytime you feel like overwhelmed with the amount of k-pop content I will be posting on WordPress.

Thank you for reading this.

Currently I’m facing a very serious family crisis that is impossible for me to take control over, and the only thing I can do now is to continue doing my daily routine while preparing for the worst case possible, which means more responsibilities to take care of and less time to do social activities. So it’s even more crucial for me to reduce the amount of social accounts I possess because I simply get way too overwhelmed.

I really hope you will understand my situation, and I will not blame any one of you if you decide to unfollow my blog. I can’t make everyone like the content I will post from near future onwards, as well as I can’t keep myself pressured with the content I don’t feel like writing.

I will apparently remain on hiatus mode from WordPress until the end of this year, so I have more than enough time to figure out my new layout. Thank you for those short 6 months you’ve been with me as a book blogger, and I hope to see you soon as a multi-topic blogger.


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Updates: What’s actually happening with my reading life?



It’s time to give a proper explanation on whatever is happening to my bookworm life, and why I’m such a slow ass in updating my blog with bookish related stuffs.

(this draft has been rotting for awhile, to be honest /sigh/)

So, currently I’m going through another wave of depression caused by things I cannot speak out because, you know, it’s called personal, but the fact is, I’m feeling very unmotivated, exhausted and I literally desire nothing but being left alone.

Actually, the current situation between and within specific K-pop group fandoms is partially another reason for me being so isolated from bookish world, but I’ll try not to talk about it.

The worst part is that, I actually enjoy being isolated from all of this, although it pressures me that I can’t find myself motivated to do things I usually love doing EVERYTIME EVERYWHERE (put Nation’s Sons – NEVER as a BGM, plz). Also since I’ve been living alone for a while (4 years during university studies, and now 2 years for work), I got used to not talking to anyone and hence, sharing whatever inner problems I have, even with the best friend, not even mentioning family. I got so used to keeping everything to myself I don’t even have the desire to look for communication. The second I get home, I lie on the bed and just stare at the ceiling, having endless thoughts but not being able to connect them with each other or even transforming them into words to write. I got so lazy I don’t even know how to motivate myself.

joo haknyeon park jihoon gosh stop it

I’ve been so behind my blogging schedules due to lack of motivation, and also due to remembering that my blog is dedicated to books in the first place (which can’t be seen recently due to decreased reading speed and amount of books read and huge amount of k-pop related content), I decided I’d rather be on some sort of hiatus rather than ruining the blog with music contents only. Gosh, I already screwed my twitter so hard I need to define what to do with it

Anyways, all I wanted to say that I’m definitely not abandoning my book blog or bookstagram, but only deciding to run it at my pleasant speed and with much less pressure of _always_updating_new_books_i_can’t_get_’cause_i_live_at_the_world’s_end_. Considering how I can’t read at the light speed, I don’t see any reason I have to be updating twice a day on books I never know when I’ll get to read them or being way too stressed over new releases. Currently I have a considerably big collection of books with lots of yet to read titles, so I think I rather focus on finishing them first before piling myself with even more pressure. I hope you can understand.

By the way, I already started cleaning up my twitter, so everyone following me there for _only_ K-pop related tweets please follow me back at @neo_ttaemune, as I’d like to keep @liliananbookish solemnly for bookish purposes 🙂

jung dongsoo heart
I love you guys!

Thanks for your attention!

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6 month blogoversary and 100 followers AYYYYY~


Hi everyone!

It’s… finally here? Hahaha-
I reached my 100 followers here on WordPress and it’s my 6 month blogoversary!


I should’ve been doing some sort of giveaway, as many other bloggers do when they hit their milestones, but, unfortunately, I live in a country where it’s difficult to carry out such things without severe ‘damages’ to my wallet, plus I don’t think I’m confident in running one. Maybe later? Plus, let’s be honest, my stats are still not stable, and the feedback is yet to get to the level of even thinking of hosting a giveaway, so I’ll be more considerable and delay that fun part until I feel more confident.


It’s been exactly 6 months since I decided that I want to challenge myself in running a bookish blog in English, and also devote myself into reading more books, as I’ve noticed the enormous decrease of time I dedicate to reading which was one of my initial hobbies.

Well, what can I say… I didn’t really fulfill that ambition of mine, and, as usual for me, I was very hyped at the beginning. I read one book after another, although, of course, not at the speed of other bookworms out there, but I quickly learned not to compare myself to others way too much in terms of amount of books read within specific time period. Plus I frequently have days when I don’t want to do anything but just chill with my favorite music (that’s why I decided to start my K-pop related segment here on the blog), but it slowly grew up to be a reversal back to times when I was basically too lazy to pick a book to read. I know it all sounds gibberish, but most of my actions and decisions depend on my actual mood, and if I’m, for instance, completely into gloominess, no reading will help me there because I will be distracted by the thoughts running through my mind.

Okay, back to my anniversary thingy.
I’m really, really glad I actually started my little blog. Although I stated at the beginning that I would be focusing a lot on talking about Russian books… well, you know that people grow up, and blogs tend to grow up with them as well, so I unintentionally got affected by the international mainstream. It’s hard talking about books in Russian when there are little to no chances for international audience to read them in English language, which means no basement for long discussions.

I’d like to thank every single one out there who visited my blog, who decided to stay with my blog… I might not be as active as I was at the beginning, but I try my best to deliver the most honest opinion on whatever topic I bring up here on my blog. THANK YOU, and I LOVE YOU ALL.

And so to conclude this post, let’s have fun with the newest release by South Korean rap-rock band N.Flying!


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Do The Talking: My biggest hardship as a #bookstagrammer (or let’s talk about social anxiety)



It’s been a while since I’ve posted a discussion. Despite having more than enough ideas for Do The Talking segment, I couldn’t get into the respective mood for each idea I wrote down into my book blogging bullet journal. But as I noticed my drastic decrease of social activity, I decided to share with you some thoughts on my biggest struggle as a #bookstagrammer, as well as a book blogger, which is social anxiety. Continue reading “Do The Talking: My biggest hardship as a #bookstagrammer (or let’s talk about social anxiety)”

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Announcement: New Blog Design!


Oh, hello!

Remember I said long time ago that I wanted to completely change my blog layout?
Well, here it is.

I proudly announce the start of my new layout for Liliana N Bookish Blog! Welcome to the Night Court/Velaris, the City of Starlight my new interior!

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20 facts about me

What’s up booknerds, it’s “about me” time, again~

Since this is still a fresh blog, some basic information on its runner shouldn’t hurt anyone, right? Right? Come on, it can’t be that harmful. Seriously. People need to know about what I am in facts!

So let’s have a “20 facts about me” thingy here!~ *whoop whoop*


Fact 1. I’m fully Vietnamese.
Despite being surprisingly born and raised in Russia, my parents, and basically all my ancestors are Vietnamese, thus making me one as well. At least by my IDs. In mah soul, I’m a crazy mix of Vietnamese and Russian characters. But hey, I rather consider myself as a global citizen~

Fact 2. I know many languages.
To be more specific, I fluently speak Russian, almost fluent English, rather fluent Vietnamese and somewhere pre-intermediate Korean. Funny thing: I’m Vietnamese, yet Vietnamese is the language I’m least confident at. Simply it’s because I started speaking it only when I was 10. Russian was always my top priority as I was attending Russian school, and all my life was held in Russian.
As a language maniac, I have lots of plans for futher language learning. E.g., I have Korean to be improved and properly learned to get all them TOPIK certificates. Just because I can, and just because I want. Plus planning to resume my English courses to keep it up. And then, and then… and then a gazillion other languages I wanna learn. Damn, where’s my time for all of this.

Fact 3. I was once a fanfiction writer.
Actually I still consider myself as one, but the hiatus is taking way too long… (almost 3 years, shame on me.). But since 2015, I’ve been constantly thinking of switching from fanfiction to real books, and I really started collecting ideas, but you know what happens when you do researches while working 9 to 5? So all my ideas are still stuck in my leather notebooks, waiting for their prime time. I will comeback to you, guys, I PROMISE.
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The Madman behind this blog

The Madman behind this blog

Hello stranger, and, first of all, thank you for stopping by my blog.

Liliana N Bookish is a newly established blog run by a young Vietnamese that happen to speak almost 4 languages at the same time (with 3 being fluent and 1 at basic level), loves reading, and thus, decided to share her thoughts, as well as practice writing in English by challenging herself to write full reviews to books she read, no matter what languages the books are read in.

Aside that, this girl (who’s an Aquarius, by the way) will also let you have a glimpse at the other aspects of her life, such as cooking/baking, cats, DIY, photography, music, on their own.

I really hope I will not scare you away, and you will support and help me develop myself as a person, and a writer.

Because, hell yes, I do dream of writing my own book.

Thank you,


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