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Do The Talking: My biggest hardship as a #bookstagrammer (or let’s talk about social anxiety)



It’s been a while since I’ve posted a discussion. Despite having more than enough ideas for Do The Talking segment, I couldn’t get into the respective mood for each idea I wrote down into my book blogging bullet journal. But as I noticed my drastic decrease of social activity, I decided to share with you some thoughts on my biggest struggle as a #bookstagrammer, as well as a book blogger, which is social anxiety. Continue reading “Do The Talking: My biggest hardship as a #bookstagrammer (or let’s talk about social anxiety)”

The Madman behind this blog

Announcement: New Blog Design!


Oh, hello!

Remember I said long time ago that I wanted to completely change my blog layout?
Well, here it is.

I proudly announce the start of my new layout for Liliana N Bookish Blog! Welcome to the Night Court/Velaris, the City of Starlight my new interior!

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20 facts about me

What’s up booknerds, it’s “about me” time, again~

Since this is still a fresh blog, some basic information on its runner shouldn’t hurt anyone, right? Right? Come on, it can’t be that harmful. Seriously. People need to know about what I am in facts!

So let’s have a “20 facts about me” thingy here!~ *whoop whoop*


Fact 1. I’m fully Vietnamese.
Despite being surprisingly born and raised in Russia, my parents, and basically all my ancestors are Vietnamese, thus making me one as well. At least by my IDs. In mah soul, I’m a crazy mix of Vietnamese and Russian characters. But hey, I rather consider myself as a global citizen~

Fact 2. I know many languages.
To be more specific, I fluently speak Russian, almost fluent English, rather fluent Vietnamese and somewhere pre-intermediate Korean. Funny thing: I’m Vietnamese, yet Vietnamese is the language I’m least confident at. Simply it’s because I started speaking it only when I was 10. Russian was always my top priority as I was attending Russian school, and all my life was held in Russian.
As a language maniac, I have lots of plans for futher language learning. E.g., I have Korean to be improved and properly learned to get all them TOPIK certificates. Just because I can, and just because I want. Plus planning to resume my English courses to keep it up. And then, and then… and then a gazillion other languages I wanna learn. Damn, where’s my time for all of this.

Fact 3. I was once a fanfiction writer.
Actually I still consider myself as one, but the hiatus is taking way too long… (almost 3 years, shame on me.). But since 2015, I’ve been constantly thinking of switching from fanfiction to real books, and I really started collecting ideas, but you know what happens when you do researches while working 9 to 5? So all my ideas are still stuck in my leather notebooks, waiting for their prime time. I will comeback to you, guys, I PROMISE.
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The Madman behind this blog

The Madman behind this blog

Hello stranger, and, first of all, thank you for stopping by my blog.

Liliana N Bookish is a newly established blog run by a young Vietnamese that happen to speak almost 4 languages at the same time (with 3 being fluent and 1 at basic level), loves reading, and thus, decided to share her thoughts, as well as practice writing in English by challenging herself to write full reviews to books she read, no matter what languages the books are read in.

Aside that, this girl (who’s an Aquarius, by the way) will also let you have a glimpse at the other aspects of her life, such as cooking/baking, cats, DIY, photography, music, on their own.

I really hope I will not scare you away, and you will support and help me develop myself as a person, and a writer.

Because, hell yes, I do dream of writing my own book.

Thank you,


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