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June TBR list / Or let’s see how bad I am with keeping reading promises…


Well hiiiiiii.

I’ve stopped making monthly TBR lists as I realised that I almost never follow them, but suddenly this time I thought I should challenge myself. Especially when I’m on such a reading slump I can’t even manage to finish the book I’m currently reading (and it’s not because the book sucks). So, without further ado, let’s see what books I’m planning to read in June!~

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Top Ten Tuesday: Summer TBR list!


Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish on a weekly basis.

And again, hola!

I initially wanted to skip this week’s TTT prompt again, but then I thought again, and, since it’s pretty much a freebie kind of prompt: Summer Reads Freebie – I decided that I should still share something.

Something like… Summer TBR? Hahaha.
Let’s see how good I’ll be with fulfilling that lol

Summer Reads Freebie: My Top 10 Summer TBR

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April TBR (or I’m finally getting to read THESE monstrous books!)


Привет всем*!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday as it was supposed to be, got those health issues striking hard as the weather suddenly changed from sunny to very gloomy, with 6 hours of constant heavy rain. The only thing I did yesterday was lying on the bed, re-watching Fantastic Beasts ans Where to Find Them, and finally finishing a book after that horrible book hangover week 😀

*Hello everyone! – in Russian 😀

So, back to the topic.
It’s April already! Time flies so fast!
Happy belated birthday to everyone’s favorite fictional Weasley twins! We miss you Fred.

This month will be fully devoted to ebooks, so no personally taken pictures this time, not even sorry about that lol

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Wednesday Shelf Control: Night Circus

Wednesday Shelf Control is a bookish meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies on a weekly basis.


Hola world! /how about I will greet you in different languages?/

I ended up buying too many books this month. AGAIN.
Well, that’s who bookworms are, right?

But we’re here today to take out books that’ve been on our shelves for way too long, right? So let’s get to it!

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Monthly TBR, There's never enough time to read

March TBR

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Hi again!
March has finally started, which means it’s time for March TBR list!

So it’s been almost 1 month since I’ve started this blog, and I’m totally loving it! Although my reading speed is far away from actual booknerds, I think I’m on the way to recover my childhood reading speed (which was really fast). So I’m setting up a goal of reading 4 books this month, including:

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2017 TBR list

Despite some bad news that suddenly happened to me just yesterday (phone with all needed photos stolen), I choose to stay positive and continue building a habit of being a socially active new blogger here, so here we go with the first official _not_introduction_ post, which is my 2017 TBR list.

In January, I unfortunately only made past 1 book (further left), so here’s the rest that I’m going to read this year (of course, not limited by that, haha)

Since January had passed, exclude the further left book (which is a good book, by the way! And I know, zero chances of having it translated to English, but I’ll write a review with short informative introduction for you guys), and focus on everything else.

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