Do The Talking Masterlist


Do The Talking is a regular segment of Liliana N Bookish Blog where I raise up topics I think are interested to book lovers, as well as recommend books, and start bookish discussions.

Russian Books sub-segment is an integral part of Do The Talking.
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This is a masterlist of all topics raised under Do The Talking segment.

All posts listed in chronological order. Listed links lead to related published blog posts.


February 21 Russian Classics
February 24 – 10 must-read Russian classics
March 11 – Russian Fantasy + Recommendations
March 18 – 5 things I can’t help but be anxious about as a new book blogger
March 22 – Russian Dystopia books + Recommendations
March 24 – Struggles of an international book blogger
March 28 Russian Fairy Tales + Recommendations
March 31 – What’s a somewhat obscure classic you wish more people would read? (ft. Classic Remarks by Pages Unbound)
April 1 – How to deal with a book hangover
April 12 – Following the reading mainstream (a.k.a. I don’t read trending books at the same time with the others)
May 20 – My biggest hardship as a #bookstagrammer (or let’s talk about social anxiety)
May 23 – Fairyloot April box unboxing
June 10 Why I still buy books in Vietnamese when I’m clearly not reading them + polyglot struggles
June 23 – Background music when reading
TBA – Russian poets + Recs
TBA – Poetry, and why I gave up on writing them

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