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My photo collection


Hi! Erm…
Sorry I suddenly disappeared from both Instagram and WordPress. Sometime you just cannot help but have those gloomy times when you don’t want to do anything at all.
Well, yeah, you can’t say so about me judging from the amount of K-pop rant I recently have on my twitter though (and I’m really sorry for that, but I decided to abandon my personal twitter account and merge everything happening onto the bookish one, so if you don’t want to see me spamming your feed with K-pop related tweets (likeĀ EVERYTIME EVERYWHERE), feel free to unfollow). But still.

Also as I don’t have much to share on bookish world (I’m being on a reading slump again, torn between three books, actually), neither I have topics I can brainstorm on (suggestions are welcomed!), so how about a little bit of photography?

I can’t say that I’m really good at photography, but there are some shots I really love and feel very proud of. I never studied photography professionally, only just enough to understand basics and to handle my Nikon D3200. I will give some commentaries under photos, as like under what conditions I took this photo, or what I liked about this shot particularly. Mostly all pics are already edited with VSCO Cam.

Hope you can enjoy it as well!

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