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Do The Talking: 5 things I can’t help but be anxious about as a new book blogger

Hi! How is your week?

I was just sitting at my office desk, surfing some book bloggers on WordPress, and everytime I noticed the number of their followers, likes, and comments, I couldn’t help myself but ask a question: when will I get my wide audience?

It’s really hard to deny that you’ve never questioned yourself about what you seek with book blogging. Sure, there are a lot of bloggers who just rant about books for themselves, but you can’t go against the nature of lowkey seeking attention. Tell me, how did you feel seeing an orange dot under the wordpress bell sign, informing you of either new comment, like, or follower? Or seeing the same icons on your bookstagram? Feels good, right?

Or when you’re three months into book blogging, you never stop thinking whether you’re ready for an upgrade (whatever upgrade it is, from moving to self-host, to doing something else), or not.

So I thought that I should speak out of my own concerns when I’m currently a newbie book blogger, with only 50 followers on instagram, and less than 30 followers on this blog (as of March 2017, justĀ 1 month in).


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