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6 month blogoversary and 100 followers AYYYYY~


Hi everyone!

It’s… finally here? Hahaha-
I reached my 100 followers here on WordPress and it’s my 6 month blogoversary!


I should’ve been doing some sort of giveaway, as many other bloggers do when they hit their milestones, but, unfortunately, I live in a country where it’s difficult to carry out such things without severe ‘damages’ to my wallet, plus I don’t think I’m confident in running one. Maybe later? Plus, let’s be honest, my stats are still not stable, and the feedback is yet to get to the level of even thinking of hosting a giveaway, so I’ll be more considerable and delay that fun part until I feel more confident.


It’s been exactly 6 months since I decided that I want to challenge myself in running a bookish blog in English, and also devote myself into reading more books, as I’ve noticed the enormous decrease of time I dedicate to reading which was one of my initial hobbies.

Well, what can I say… I didn’t really fulfill that ambition of mine, and, as usual for me, I was very hyped at the beginning. I read one book after another, although, of course, not at the speed of other bookworms out there, but I quickly learned not to compare myself to others way too much in terms of amount of books read within specific time period. Plus I frequently have days when I don’t want to do anything but just chill with my favorite music (that’s why I decided to start my K-pop related segment here on the blog), but it slowly grew up to be a reversal back to times when I was basically too lazy to pick a book to read. I know it all sounds gibberish, but most of my actions and decisions depend on my actual mood, and if I’m, for instance, completely into gloominess, no reading will help me there because I will be distracted by the thoughts running through my mind.

Okay, back to my anniversary thingy.
I’m really, really glad I actually started my little blog. Although I stated at the beginning that I would be focusing a lot on talking about Russian books… well, you know that people grow up, and blogs tend to grow up with them as well, so I unintentionally got affected by the international mainstream. It’s hard talking about books in Russian when there are little to no chances for international audience to read them in English language, which means no basement for long discussions.

I’d like to thank every single one out there who visited my blog, who decided to stay with my blog… I might not be as active as I was at the beginning, but I try my best to deliver the most honest opinion on whatever topic I bring up here on my blog. THANK YOU, and I LOVE YOU ALL.

And so to conclude this post, let’s have fun with the newest release by South Korean rap-rock band N.Flying!


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Do The Talking

Do The Talking: Do we really need to try so hard to be socially active? (social anxiety related)



So pretty much a while ago Mikaela @ The Well-Thumbed Reader (btw, her blog is awesome, you should really check it out!) shared her 11 most secretive blogging confessions (trust me, you’re gonna relate to almost all of that), and she mentioned social activity as one of them, so it immediately triggered a thought in me, and that’s how I came up with today’s discussion topic. Many many opinions are very much appreciated, because I’m seriously interested in what you folks think on this!

So the concern of today is:

Do we really need to try so hard to be socially active?

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Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books Read In 2017 So Far


Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish on a weekly basis.

Hellooooooooo, have a good last week of June!

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday‘s prompt is Best Books Read in 2017 So Far, and I definitely won’t be separating by genre or anything because I read too little to do it that way. I will post a book cover and a link to my review for those interested in my opinion on that specific book I’ve chosen!

Best Books Read in 2017 So Far

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Book Memes/Tags/Challenges, Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start But Haven’t


Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish on a weekly basis.


Finally I’ve recovered myself after being on such an emotional roller coaster caused by the final episode of Produce 101 Season 2, on which I will talk a bit in Wednesday K-pop! segment (anyways the main characters of tomorrow’s episode are related to this show), but now let’s have a regular Top Ten Tuesday while I’m still on an inspirational roll to write everything and not be carried away by re-watching all P101 videos lol

Top Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning to Start But Haven’t

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Book Memes/Tags/Challenges, Tag Thursday

Tag Thursday: The Cookie book tag


Hello people of the world!

I’m back again with another tag that I wasn’t tagged in (as usual, lol), but I’d still do that because it seems fun!

I saw this tag on Beth’s Reading Every Night, so I hope you don’t mind that I did this tag~

The Cookie Book Tag

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Book Memes/Tags/Challenges, The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post: June 5-11th


Oh my god. This week in real life was a total roller coaster, with all those bad and good news.

I don’t wanna talk about what happened in real life, because this is not why I run this blog, and I definitely don’t want to ruin the happy atmosphere I’m slowly establishing here, so let’s just jump into another week recap!

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Book Memes/Tags/Challenges, The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post: May 29 – June 4


Well, hellooooooo.

I’m not even sure if I need to do this week’s recap because it seems that there’s little to zero been done, especially in terms of reading, or, to be honest, avoiding reading at all. I still can’t figure out whether it is that I’m still on a reading slump after two very disappointing books, or it’s because I’m currently waaay to obsessed with Produce 101 Season 2, hahahaha

Anyways, let’s get into it!

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Monthly TBR

June TBR list / Or let’s see how bad I am with keeping reading promises…


Well hiiiiiii.

I’ve stopped making monthly TBR lists as I realised that I almost never follow them, but suddenly this time I thought I should challenge myself. Especially when I’m on such a reading slump I can’t even manage to finish the book I’m currently reading (and it’s not because the book sucks). So, without further ado, let’s see what books I’m planning to read in June!~

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