Monthly Haul & Wrap-up

June Wrap-up & Haul! / Or never make promises again, Liliana


Hellooooo, I have news for you. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s good or not. But fact.


jung dongsoo shooked
Did I say already that from now on only Produce 101 season 2 gifs will be used here for reactions?

Whaaaat? How??? Why so quick?
Ahhhh, nevermind, we never win a game against time. Unless you have a blue police box that is bigger on the inside. So let’s go for our regular monthly wrap-ups!

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Monthly Haul & Wrap-up

May Wrap-up & Haul!


Hi there!

Finally, it’s the last day of May, which means – time to summarize everything we’ve done over these four and a half weeks!

Be brave to hit that “Continue reading” link to see what I’ve done throughout May!

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Book Memes/Tags/Challenges, The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post: May 15-21



It’s time for another Sunday post! Sure I like these posts because sometimes you just can’t keep up with all those updates, and these kind of stuff are just to help you to catch up with the latest news!

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