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REVIEW: S. Naumova, M. Dubinina, “Juusan. The Phantom Academy”

What’s up folks!
Finally here I am with my very first review on this blog! Really WISH you find it interesting, and for me to be completely bonkers to actually TRY TO MAKE AN ATTEMPT on translating it. Because who knows, maybe this can become a big hit internationally?.. /yes, Liliana, keep dreaming impossible dreams, like you’ve always done/

Juusan. The Phantom Academy
by Sora Naumova & Mariya Dubinina

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Original name:
Дзюсан. Академия-фантом
Rating: ★★★★☆
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Published: 2016
Format: Hardcover

Synopsis: The investigation of little sister’s disappearance leads the former detective Henry Macalister to a lonely island in the Sea of Japan, to “Juusan” – an elite Academy for special teenagers. Here, the age-old mysteries come to life, people disappear without a trace, and the ghosts roam the corridors of the old mansion. But Henry still has no idea that he got caught in a web that’s hard to escape from not only for the living, but even for the dead…

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