Do The Talking

Do The Talking: Background music when reading



Finally, another edition of Do The Talking.
I had three attempts on writing this post. I miserably failed. I’m a damn emotional potato!

Of course, with a crown on my head made of books I’ve yet to read so its weight could remind me of my never ending TBR pile hahahahaha

But nope, I will still talk about Background music when reading, because this topic is pretty close to me, and I think I have rights to share my thoughts on that.

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Book Memes/Tags/Challenges, Tag Thursday

Tag Thursday: Reader Problems Tag



Here we are again, on the last Thursday of May, with another Tag Thursday post! Yaaay!

I saw this tag a while ago at Anushka @Going Through Books, and thought I’d like to do it as well when time allows, so here we are!

Reader Problems Tag

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