Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana: MASTERLIST


Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana is a weekly corner dedicated to everything K-pop, and is an integral part of Do The Talking segment.

The corner officially started on May 24th, 2017.

This is the masterlist of all posts written under Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana corner in chronological order, all links lead to respective blog posts.


May 24 #Prologue. K-pop basics
May 31List of K-pop most iconic songs of all time
June 7 Best Produce 101 Season 2 performances
June 14 Girl Group: DREAMCATCHER
June 21 Boy Group: NU’EST – Part 1 (spoiler free), Part 2 (spoilers for P101 S2)
June 28 Best K-pop songs released in 2017 so far
July 5  Girl Group: MAMAMOO
July 12  Boy Group: VROMANCE
July 19 – hiatus
July 26 – hiatus
August 2 – Solo Act: Roy Kim
August 9, 16  – hiatus
August 23 – K-pop groups representative songs
TBA – Boy Group: SHINee
TBA – Girl Group: f(x)
TBA – Girl Group: OH MY GIRL
TBA – K-pop battle: Title tracks VS B-tracks #1
– Girl Group: EXID
TBA – Boy Group: BTOB
– Solo Act: IU
– Solo Act: Eric Nam
TBA – K-pop battle: Title tracks VS B-tracks #2
TBA – Co-ed group: Akdong Musician (AKMU)
TBA – Autumn ballad playlist #1
TBA – Fantasy K-pop playlist #1
TBA – My Top favorite/best K-pop albums
TBA – List of AESTHETICALLY pleasing MVs you need to watch
TBA – Heartbreaking songs playlist #1
TBA – Boy Group: WANNA ONE
– Upbeat K-pop playlist #1

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