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The Sunday Post: March 13-19th



Hi folks!

Without further introduction, let’s hop onto another Sunday post for this week!

Books read:

Caraval by Stephanie Garber | Sintar. The Killer Island by S.Naumova & M. Dubinina


Currently reading:

picture of dorian gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde




The Complaint Book by Max Frei
Actually there are two reasones I had to DNF this book:
1. It didn’t get to me from its first 40 pages (THAT’S A RECORD LILIANA! O_O)
2. I have a book hangover, thanks to Sintar. The Killer Island (YAY, BOOK HANGOVER! Or I shouldn’t be happy about that? lol who cares)


Blog updates:

Over this week, I:

Instagram updates

This week I posted 16 times (excluding 1 shoutout post, 1 rep search post, and 1 giveaway post)

Some of this week’s bookstagram posts!


How was your week? New achievements, anyone? Let’s share each other’s little happiness!

Until next time,

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