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REVIEW: S. Naumova, M. Dubinina, “Sintar. The Killer Island”

Sintar. The Killer Island
by Sora Naumova & Mariya Dubinina


Original name:
Синтар. Остров-убийца
Rating: ★★★★★
LiveLib | Goodreads
Published: 2016
Format: Ebook/eARC

Synopsis: Sintar is a lonely abandoned island in the middle of the Sea of Japan, and even after years it is still full of mysteries. One of them reunites Henry Macalister and Kimura Sorata in the face of an unknown danger. What will be more important, and old friendship with a common past, or a new life away from each other that they tried hard to have? Only the island can put everything in its place. Or kill it.


Sora Naumova and Mariya Dubinina are the two Russian writers, this duo was formed back in 2014, and since then the girls were writing together non-stop. They’re mainly producing in following genres: mystery, detective, fantasy (specifically urban fantasy). As they say themselves, they fit perfectly together as they know exactly what the other one is thinking.


Sintar. The Killer island is a direct sequel to Juusan. The Phantom Academy, and the action takes place 2 years later, with the boys – Henry Macalister and Kimura Sorata – trying to settle down with their lives away from each other after everything they’ve gone through. But as usual, it’s hard to let go of the past, as some mystery on the Sintar island (where the now closed Academy located) keeps calling out for these two. Is it another trap?


Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE this sequel??? Like, even more than Juusan?? Too bad these good books get buried under a whole bunch of romance novels that use magical background as an excuse to give shitty stories better decorations T_T

First thing I must talk about when saying that this sequel is damn better. The pace of the story. Last time I complained a bit about how the first part of the book was too slow because it needed to develop some relationships between characters, mainly Henry and Sorata. But now that they’ve already established a close friendship (BROMANCES ALL THE WAY PLEASE), the book will focus more on the plot.

And the plot takes everyone back to Sintar island, where the memories of horrors that took place in Juusan academy hadn’t faded away, and another danger awaits our characters. The boys, with another 9 people stalking around trying to destroy that beautiful bromance my boys are having get stuck on the island for days enough to get everyone killed mwahahahahah to experience 50 shades of fear. And see dead people and ghosts every-freaking-where!

I loved how the relationships between characters were resolved, like:

  • Appreciation for Sorata giving his best to protect his fiancée Sawaki Mitsuki (and screw that fact that she later broke the engagement)
  • I could smack Kate Parker (Henry’s girlfriend) in the face every single time she was stubborn with Henry!
  • I wanted to punch Masamune Inosuke (Kimura’s assistant) so hard every time he was way overprotective over Sorata that everyone can see his true intentions with naked eyes!
  • I loved how strong and unwavering Kurihara Hibiki (Kimura’s protegé) was throughout the whole story!
  • And I still can’t hold on my girl crush on Hasegawa Rumi! She’s an amazing woman!

The plot was pulled off very neatly, I loved every single detail! And on all the creepy parts I kept having goosebumps and nervousness, which means that side of the story was performed very close to perfectly!

I really wish this book series could get picked for English translation, because it’s damn GOOD! And yes, Sora confirmed my guess – the last part is coming!


I have to apologize to everyone who doesn’t have an access to Russian language in whichever way possible, so let me know if you feel disturbed by my English reviews to fully Russian-languaged books (that don’t have English translation), and I will immediately stop them, and only review Russian books that already have (or soon will have) a translation.

Until next time, folks!

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