Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana

Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana: DREAMCATCHER



So finally I can start ranting about some of my favorite and/or notable artists from K-pop scene, and this week’s main characters are 7 lovely ladies from newly re-debuted group DREAMCATCHER! Get ready to have your nightmares caught in their nets 🙂

Basic information

Group name: DREAMCATCHER | 드림캐쳐
Also known as: MINX
Debut: January 19, 2017 (September 18, 2014 as MINX)
Agency: Happy Face Entertainment
Notable singles: Chase me, Good night
What is unique about them: J-rock elements, stable distinctive vocals

DREAMCATCHER is a 7-member girl group under Happy Face Entertainment. They are, in fact, a re-debuted group previously called MINX. The seven ladies made their re-debut on January 19th, 2017 with a single Chase Me, followed by the second part of their horror trilogy Good Night.


Although these girls are yet to get their proper recognition in South Korea, many international K-pop fans noticed them thanks to their unique K-pop sound, which features elements that heavily reminds you of J-rock, or at least many J-rock styled anime OSTs. Currently they only released two mini-albums, Nightmare with Chase Me as title track, and Fall Asleep In The Mirror with following sequel track Good Night.

Prior to becoming DREAMCATCHER, 5 out of current 7 members made their very first debut as MINX in 2014, and their music were rather of bright poppy style than the current rock one. But nonetheless, these girls sure have very stable, distinctive and strong vocals, which serve them powerful performances that includes intense choreography.

Check out both of their title tracks’ MVs!



From left to right: SuA, Gahyeon, Siyeon, JiU, Yoohyeon, Handong, Dami

JiU (born Kim Minji): leader, lead vocal, lead dancer, visual
SuA (born Kim Bora): lead rapper, vocalist, main dancer
Siyeon (born Lee Siyeon): main vocal
(born Han Dong): sub-vocal
Yoohyeon (born Kim Yoohyeon): lead vocal
Dami (born Lee Yoobin): main rapper
Gahyeon (born Lee Gahyeon): sub-vocal, maknae


Other notable trivia

DREAMCATCHER are specifically good at making covers of other artists’ songs, be it just dance cover or both dance/vocal. International fans already dubbed them as Queens of covers! Take a look at these for reference!

(original singer: WINNER – Really Really)

(original singer: Maroon 5 – Lucky Strike)

(original singer: SNSD/Girl’s Generation – Into the new world)

(dance cover for song: BIG BANG – BANG BANG BANG)

(original singer: Bruno Mars – Treasure)


Reasons you should pay attention to this artist:

  • Stable and distinctive vocals which will not make you feel bored in the middle of the song;
  • Intense choreography with lots of hidden messages that greatly illustrates the lyrics of their songs;
  • Unique horror/nightmare concept. For lots of K-pop fans these girls heavily remind of boy group VIXX who are famous for horror concepts;
  • J-rock sound elements in their songs! This is actually first time an idol group doing such music! Even if you listen to their covers, you can hear the rock sound;
  • Queens of covers, be it Korean songs or international hits;

I’m soooooooo looking forward to the final part of their Chase Me – Good Night trilogy! These girls with their nightmare concept look so refreshing among other groups who mainly do cute/innocent/sexy/girl crush concepts. And I seriously hope they will stick to this concept for a while so they can establish a very good Korean fanbase. Come on, S.Koreans, notice them!


So! Here we are, the very first K-pop artist I’m introducing through my bookish blog! Did you check them out? What do you think of their music? Up your taste or not really?

Next week I’ll be ranting about a boy group NU’EST who recently got lots of long-time deserved attention due to their participation in PRODUCE 101 Season 2 and whose music is so worth listening to!

Happy listening,

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  1. I’ve definitely heard of them! I did like their title songs and I find them adorable (saw them on After School Club) but it’s the concept that I’m not too fond of. I don’t really like horror. However, I do hope that they get a lot more recognition! That would be really awesome.

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