Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana

Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana: Best K-pop songs in 1st half of 2017


Hello, it’s time to partyyyyyyyyy~ Hahaha

Do the Ahn Hyungsub‘s silly dance!

Somebody tell me how the hell 6 months have passed THIS quickly??? Like, only yesterday I was lying on the sleeping bus back to Ho Chi Minh city with a flu, and today is almost the end of June???
Well, I shouldn’t be that surprised since I spent two months freaking out with Produce 101 Season 2, hahahaha
Okay, so today I’ll be having mid-year K-pop wrap-up and list some songs I think were the best releases so far in 2017~ Put your jukebox on, ppl!

Produce 101 Season 2

Produce 101 FINAL – Hands On Me

Produce 101 FINAL – Super Hot

Produce 101 FINAL – Always

Nation’s Son – Never

Boys Under The Moonlight – I Know You Know


RBW Entertainment



P.S. You will NOT be fine with this song, I promise.


Happy Face Entertainment




CUBE Entertainment

CLC – Hobgoblin

BTOB – Movie

Lee Changsub (BTOB) – At The End


YG Entertainment

WINNER – Really Really

Bonus: DREAMCATCHER – Really Really Cover

PSY – Fact Assault/FACT (ft. G-DRAGON)




I.O.I. – Downpour

Bonus: PRODUCE 101 Season 2’s NI.NA.NO – Downpour Cover

Kim Chungha – Week


Other songs not under the same company

Roy Kim – Egoist

GFriend – Fingertip

EXID – Night Rather Than Day

MINZY – Ni Na No

MINZY – Superwoman

Girl’s Day – Love Again

PRISTIN – Black Widow

CROSS GENE – Black Or White

Warning: I specifically don’t put the actual MV because it’s much more bloody.
But you can always search it up.



So far most releases from artists that I follow are deemed good or very good, but the actual battle starts from July where lots of HUGE K-pop artists are coming back + Wanna One’s debut, and the charts battles would be fiercer than ever.

Out of these 24 tracks my most favorites would be all from Produce 101 Season 2DREAMCATCHER, RBW EntertainmentEXID and Lee Changsub.


Found anything up your taste? If you found an artist you’re interested in, feel free to ask me to make a contribution/appreciation post for them! I already talked about DREAMCATCHER, and soon will talk about my ultimate favorite RBW Entertainment artists: MAMAMOO and VROMANCE.

Stay tuned!

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10 thoughts on “Wednesday K-pop! with Liliana: Best K-pop songs in 1st half of 2017”

  1. i didn’t really watch produce 101, so now i realize that i’ve missed some great songs, hahah. the reality isn’t really my taste, even though i love boygroups, but the competition makes me anxious. basically, i’d get too emotionally invested on it, and by the end, i’d be broken, hahah. but, as far as other artists and companies go, i have to agree that really, really and movie were fantastic! my favorite tracks from this year include nct’s limitless, taeyeon’s fine and triple h’s, 365 fresh! the music videos for these songs are also phenomenal! i have high expectations for the rest of the year and i’m super excited for all the upcoming comebacks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. about anxiety caused by survival/reality shows – TRUE. i’m still having a produce 101 hangover, although i already accepted the final results, but the fact that i got attached to these boys and their interactions is just… /sigh/ mnet, give us more behind the scenes plz. we had enough drama

      i liked the sound of 365 fresh, but the song eventually didn’t end up in my playlist. nct is overall not my taste, and taeyeon’s solo tracks can’t impress me, although i admit that she’s an exceptional vocalist.
      also waiting for the second half!


    1. BTS fans seem to be EVERYWHERE, which is not really surprising, their international popularity is no joke ahahah 🙂

      Give it a try, sure there will be track you’ll fall in love with!


  2. I definitely liked CLC’s, Chungha’s IOI and Gfriend’s! The ironic thing is that I didn’t really like the song of the only group there that I stan! Pristin’s Black Widow definitely wasn’t for me. I really liked Over n Over.

    For me (starting with groups I stan):

    Seventeen: Don’t Want to Cry, My I and Habitual Words

    Astro: Again and Baby

    NCT 127: Limitless NCT Dream: My First and Last

    As for groups (and other artists I don’t stan):

    Gfriend – Fingertip and Hear the Wind sing

    Day6: How Can I Say, I’m Serious, I Smile, You Were Beautiful

    Knk – Sun, Moon, Stars

    Winner – Fool

    K.A.R.D – Don’t Recall

    Oh my Girl – Colouring Book

    Girl’s Day – I’ll Be Yours

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    1. I don’t really stan PRISTIN, it’s just that Black Widow was exactly my kind of song :)))

      And nice picks from you, although I’m still waiting for OH MY GIRL to come back with a song similar to CLOSER and/or WINDY DAY. That song was a masterpiece, and I’m still highly confused why Koreans slept on that song, it could’ve brought the girls to the stardom very quickly. Coloring Book wasn’t really my taste 😦


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