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Yiruma’s concert in Singapore 2017

A little bit of off topic won’t hurt us much, right?

Hello dear booknerds,

I just came back from my 2-day trip in Singapore, and I have lots to say!
To begin with, it’s not my first time in Singapore, and this trip was solemnly planned only for 2 purposes: Yiruma’s concert, and book shopping.


Yiruma needs no introduction – his splendid piano pieces say everything about him. Genius, romantic, witty, funny, creative, intelligent, and just a very good man. Getting the chance of seeing his perfomances life is, of course, a dream come true, and I did my best to achieve that. I bought the most expensive ticket, and booked airplane tickets 2 months prior to the concert.


A little backstory: I’ve been listening to Yiruma for a good 4 or 5 years, and the first composition that I’ve heard was, not to anyone’s surprise, “River flows in you”. After that I took a listen to his full discography, only to find myself more and more immersed in his music. Yiruma’s songs became my mental medicine. So I indeed was more than happy to be able to see him performing with my own eyes.


So I arrived to Singapore earlier in the afternoon of the concert day, and went straight to the box office to pick up my ticket.


I had a VIP ticket, which included a special Meet & Greet session, where each VIP ticket holder could take a solo picture with Yiruma himself.

Then I had some lunch and attacked Funko Pop stores since I still had 4 hours before the concert beginning. Then I changed my clothes and rushed back to the event hall, ready to meet my most favorite piano artist.

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Singapore’s Star Performing Arts Center had 5000 seats in total, and they all were sold for Yiruma’s concert. I was sitting really close to the scene, but not way to close to spoil the overall impression on the concert. And hey, look – Newt came with me to enjoy the music!


So the show began, and I basically rode a rollercoaster of all past emotions I always had when listening to his songs. He told that this concert could be called “Memory”, so he wanted us to focus on our memories while listening to him, and I did what he said, almost bringing myself to tears of both joy and sadness, and I was remembering everything over the past 6 or so years. Yiruma played majority of my favorite songs, I kinda was sad he didn’t perform “Love Hurts” because it’s my most favorite one. He was chatting with us between the songs, and HE WAS SO CUTE BEING NERVOUS AND BLABBERING STUFF BECAUSE OF THAT =^__^= He also had a mini-event of inviting a person from the audience to the stage for him to compose a new song RIGHT ON SPOT! And damn, his composing skills! He composed a totally new melody in less than 5 minutes! I need a studio version of #BlackRose, Yiruma-ssi!*

After the concert, all VIP ticket holders stayed at their seats for further instructions from the staff. Then, row by row, we went to a private room to take a picture with Yiruma.


Unfortunately, no fan taken pictures, videos were allowed at all, and we weren’t even allowed to talk to Yiruma, except for “Hello, thank you, good night!” But anyways it was such a great pleasure to HAVE a solo picture with your favorite artist, so I won’t complain much, plus there were almost 150-200 of us, and if each of us do the talking, it would take all the night to finish. So it was reasonable to restrain us from wasting Yiruma’s time.

After I took my picture and shaked hands with Yiruma, I rushed back to MRT, because it was already almost midnight, and the last trains were about to departure. So I managed to get on the last train from concert hall to the interchange station, but got way too late for the last train to my station. Luckily it was only 15 minutes away from the hotel, so I just hurried back, because I hate walking alone at nights, and I have constant unhealthy paranoia about almost everything. Nevertheless, it was the best night ever.


By the way, I bought “The Best of The Best” album and “Says the Piano” Score book. Looks like I’m getting interested in learning piano, again. Thank you, Yiruma, for a wonderful night, hope to see you again either in Vietnam or any other SEA country, so I can bring my whole family to enjoy your music.

Yes, those are my legs, and one of my lovely cats, Akiame~


Hope you weren’t really disturbed with this off-topic post, because, come on, GOOD MUSIC SHOULD BE SHARED TO THE WORLD.

When was the last time you attended a concert of your favorite artist? Any concerts of your faves coming soon?^^


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