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February Haul: Books

Hello world, I hope your February was good and flawless~

The month is almost over, so let’s have a monthly haul of books I exchanged for my always ending salary (lol)


In February I went way too crazy with buying new books, because I started this book blog, and, I mean, I NEED BOOKS TO RANT ABOUT! That’s why I got not one, not three, but hell of a 15 or so books this month only! Am I really crazy? I guess yes.

I really wasn’t planning to buy this much, but you know what happens when you go to a bookstore, and then OHMYGOD THIS COVER IS SO PRETTY I NEED IT or DAMN THIS NEW EDITION LOOKS LIT I NEED THAT FOR MY SHELFIE! and everything of that sort.

Books bought in Vietnam this month

Here’s what I’ve got from local bookstores:

2017-02-22-11.18.42-1-01.jpeg.jpg1. Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland AND Alice Through the Looking Glass in one book.
Because that damn cover! And I initially was a lover of everything Alice. Especially (and I’m never sorry for that) the American McGee’s Alice’s horror games. I mean, have you even seen it?! At least the walkthrough?? At least ALL THOSE GORGEOUS OUTFITS ALICE HAS THROUGHOUT THE GAME?? NO?? Then what the hell are you doing with your life!
Okay, I shouldn’t be this over excited. But I love Alice.


2. Vuong Pho’s One Tiny Fox learns to be a Goblin
Did you actually know that foxes are ADORABLE?! And this is why I got this comic book. Yes, people, this is colored comics. About a little fox learning to be a Hobgoblin. The synopsis for this comics are so cute I couldn’t resist buying! Plus look at the drawing style, it’s so much loveliness!

Okay, okay, I’ll try to read that in the nearest future and give you a review 😀

3. Romina Russell’s Zodiac
Okay, I’m telling you once again, that I’m weak for anything astronomy. And this book was not an exception. I will definitely try to complete the book series (I mean, buying them, not reading yet, lol), cause I’m still trying to collect more ideas for my own writing stuff. And because I basically love everything about stars.

4. Luis Prats’ Hachiko
5. Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl
I know I’m late with buying and reading this book, but, to be honest, I’ve been hesitating a lot before eventually surrendering. The main argument was the fact that I was indeed a fanfiction writer, and this book should be as close to be as possible, so I gave up and decided to give a try. And I will this year.

6. A.G.Howard’s Unhinged (Splintered series)
I had zero idea that it was a part of series, but I just fell for this cover and for the annotation of having Alice in Wonderland theme. Lol, how easy it is to captivate me with books. So I just bought it. Need to actually figure out where the other parts are in Vietnamese bookstores, so wish me luck in finding it.

7. Gabrielle Zevin’s The Storied Life of A.J.Fikry
The reason behind buying this book? Simple: the lovely COVER. Plus the Vietnamese title, which is slightly different, but still got my attention. So when I’m actually gonna read all Vietnamese-languaged books, again?


2017-02-22-11.18.37-1-01.jpeg.jpgAnd this is the separate thing I wanna brag about. Because…


How can I even express my sudden love for this book series?? Yes, I know, it’s not completed (YET!), but I still can go hardcore on ranting about my love to TLC! I thought I never would like a retelling, and yet, I fell so hard for this one!

It started all suddenly with Cress, actually, as that book was the only one in the series being sold at Russian bookstores, so I grabbed that one, and it didn’t let me go until I finished the whole book series! And I’m planning to reread that in English, once I get all missing books (which is soon). I love everything about these books, and mostly the thing that political plot was still dominating the romantic, whatever you say. And you know who’s my favorite there? Of course, the best and the weirdest, Winter. LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER. And her relationship with Jacin is just AWWWWW. *honey from eyes* I’m still waiting for movie adaptations! Where the hell are they?!


Also I recently came back from Singapore, where I attended the concert of my favorite pianist Yiruma, and I couldn’t help myself but visit the Kinokuniya bookstore before coming back home. And here’s what I’ve got!

Books bought in Singapore

1. Mikhail Bulgakov, “The Master and Margarita” (Vintage classics)
Anyone fancy a read-along and a giveaway of this book? Pretty please?^^
2. Krystal Sutherland, “Our chemical hearts”
3. Stephanie Garber, “Caraval”
4-5. Colleen Oakes, “Queen of Hearts”, “Blood of Wonderland”
6. James Dashner, “The Fever Code” (Maze Runner series)
7. Marissa Meyer, “Stars Above” (The Lunar Chronicles series)

I really wanted to take more, but a) prices T_T; b) airline weight allowance; c) way too many books I cannot bring them myself!!!

But Singapore, what’s with book prices??? You just made my face look like this: 41j2blmidrtl-_sy300_

Okay, so I’ve got enough books to restrain myself from going to the bookstore until next year. NEXT YEAR I SAID. lol


How many books have you bought this month? Anything going straight to TBR March list? How do you usually choose books? Are there any books you bought just because of the cover? sign

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